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Whether you are an expert event manager or a novice one, you will be glad to try out latest means to make the procedure easier and stress free. As people know, many jobs go into planning a forum or event which includes selecting conference venues and depending on the number of participants, many weeks of planning are needed in order to have a successful event.

From a company’s point of view, interactive sites offer a trusty way in which they can implement and plan the event. A website or a weblog is a better way to keep the potential participants informed with development and to suggest them of event details, guest speakers and letting them register online.

WordPress is considered one of the most preferred platforms utilized by event organizers due to the convenience of installation as well as customization. Particularly developed plugins make the job even simpler. To help you, here are some of the best free WordPress events registration plugins you can use.

1. Events Manager
The free plugin is an ideal solution for event manager or management issues and it makes it simple for you to operate recurring events with a bit of additional work. Your participants can RSVP through the site and users can offer them event lists, maps, calendars and thorough description of each element of the meeting. Users can even get an RSS feed in order to keep each one updated and as it incorporates Google maps, the place of the attendees is easy to find and with use of the GEO-coding, each potential attendee can swiftly determine whether they are attending or not.

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2. Eventify
This superb free events registration plug-in provides users with easy to edit pop-ups and widgets to make the website look as interactive and exciting as required. With lots of other plugins utilizing JavaScript, there could be variances with some scripts contained on the website. With Eventify plugins, all conflicts or variances will be eliminated and your website will load effortlessly every time. Users can also upload event information utilizing data in the form of Excel.csv and easily add video where they will be offering great viewable content. The user can utilize the information from formerly held events through assisting them and utilizing them later on once they need to.

3. Event Brite
For those who are searching for a simple means to manage registrations and ticket sales, then Event Brite plugins provides users with the management tools they need. The user can take benefit from any method of payment which includes PayPal and simpler to administer interface which includes an e-commerce shopping cart makes it simple to gear the page for effective event registrations.

4. Event Calendar 3
This free plug-in provides users with a convenient way to add the dates of the event to a personal post and immediately have that event posted on the right classification. This takes complete benefit of the classifications. Widget and the readers will be capable to find special events easily as every show is in date order and eliminated automatically if the date has passed.

5. Kino Events Calendar
This is an easy yet flexible events plugin. This functions as an advanced calendar plugin. With this plugin, you can easily choose an Event page that shows all present and upcoming events.