5 Best Free WordPress File Download Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium File Download Plugins

1. Downloads Handler WordPress Downloads Manager

WordPress Downloads Manager Plugin

2. Paid Downloads Pro

Wordpress Paid Downloads Plugin

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There are a lot of people worldwide who are into making and developing website. In making an effective website it is ideal to put in some new elements that will increase the worth of your website. Today, there are best free WordPress file download plugins that will help you create a much flexible and alluring website. If you are one of those people who are looking for the best free WordPress file download plugins, then here are some file download plugins that are reputable and dependable for you to use.

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5 Of The Best File Download Plugins

1. File download
There are so many file types that cannot be easily be downloaded this includes file extension such as xml, pdf, gpx, html, gif and many more. With the use of file download WordPress plugin you will be able to download these files. This amazing file download plugin has advance download counters that will help user in navigating throughout the file download process. With its easy plugin installation, users will easily be able to use this plugin without difficulty.

2. Download Manager Pro
The WordPress download manager pro is not just another common WordPress plugin. It is one of the best file download plugin integrated with download manager which makes it more effective and efficient. Users can now track and control all their file and document download in an organized manner. This excellent file download and manager plug in has a password protection. This WordPress plugin has so many beneficial features that are innovative in nature. this includes features such as bandwidth control, download stats, access control, bulk import, SEO optimized, image preview, TinyMce button, password protection, multi file package, upload progress bar and many more new features for users.

3. WP Filebase
The WP Filebase is one of the most powerful and popular file download manager that is capable of supporting thumbnails, file categories and many more. This WordPress plugin has powerful options that enable limiting traffic when downloading and manage download speed accordingly. It has beneficial feature such as arrange files accordingly in categories and sub-categories, daily monitoring and managing traffic limits, reliable hot-linking protection, advance template engine, automatic creation of thumbnails for images, download counter, range download and many more.

4. SS Downloads
The SS Download WordPress plugin is the best in promoting digital assets and white papers on your website.

5. Simple Download Monitor
This WordPress plug in is very useful for file download and managing downloaded files. The simple download monitor specialized in tracking and managing digital file download with reliable and effective password protection. This helpful plugin has a user friendly interface for monitoring, uploading, tracking and managing file downloads. It has advance features and options such as drag and drop file managing, download counter for each download file, track IP address, ability to sort and search downloadable files from admin dashboard, assign specific tags and categories to every downloadable files and many more beneficial features and options.

Downloading files is now made possible with the help of wordPress file download plugin. With this, people can now experience an easier method in file download and even managing it.