5 Best Free WordPress Google Calendar Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Google Calendar Plugins

1. Gravity Forms Google Calendar WordPress Plugin

Gravity Forms Google Calendar Plugin

2. EventOn WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

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Are you one of those people who are looking for a GCal or Integrated Calendar in the website for WordPress? Well, with the help of Google Calendar Plugin, it will be easy for you to do it. You will just need to install it in your computer but make sure that you are connected to the web so that you can install it easily. It is important that you have your computer and stable web connection in order to have a continuous installing process. And also to avoid some problems that may affect the said process. You can see some Google Calendar Plugins in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

Google Calendar Plugins were made with high quality software so these are safe and efficient to use. These tools are actually created by those people who have the knowledge and expertise in computer and in creating an impressive calendar. The software that has been integrated in these plugins is not like the other pieces of software that are used by most people. It has been made unique and manageable so that the users will never have difficulties in utilizing it.

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Best WordPress Calendar Plugins

The best free WordPress Google calendar plugins are made in various types. These types contain also different features that will surely get the interest of most website owners. The best free WordPress Google calendar plugins are listed below along with their features:

1. Google Calendar Events WordPress Plugins
These plugins will allow you to parses the feeds in Google Calendar. Aside from that, you can also display some significant events in the grid of calendar or post in the website page or sidebar widget when you use them.

2. Stout Google Calendar
It comes with an easy process of embedding the Google Calendar in your website. Aside from that, you can also save lots of calendars, post it pages or sidebar widget, and use color scheme.

3. All In One Event Calendar Plugin
This type of WordPress calendar plugin is a made by Timely. The calendar method of it contains an agenda view, month, day, and week. This can support MS Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple iCal.

4. Google Calendar Weekly Timetable
In this plugin, you can freely put your Google Calendar that comes out with custom style and color weekly timetable. You can post in your website or articles without experiencing difficulties.

5. Google Calendar Widget
This will let you add a sidebar widget which has the ability to illustrate upcoming events from Google Calendar Feed. It also has the software that will automatically update the calendar so that’s why it can easily provide the website owners with information about the significant events every week, month, or year.

Since these are all made of software, you will have the assurance that it will give you a lot of helpful benefits as you use these plugins. You can also use them with ease and that’s why you will never have problems anyway. You must also monitor the condition of these best free WordPress calendar plugins so that you will never encounter any issue that can affect its function. One thing that is 100% sure about these WordPress Calendar Plugins, it will always give you a manageable and updated calendar.