5 Best Free WordPress Knowledge Base Plugins


Most Recommended WordPress Premium Knowledge Base Plugins

Knowledge Base Wiki WordPress Plugin

Knowledgebase Wiki WordPress Plugin

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Those who want to put into practice knowledge management in the business organization or want to make reliable project documentation and share information among employees and promote competitiveness, knowledge base plugin helps you handle, distribute and share knowledge in the company.

Some of the best free WordPress knowledge base plugins available are:

1. Confluence User Engagement Plugin
Those who don’t know wiki gardeners from their spectators, Confluence User Engagement Plugin can really help the user see them in true time.

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With small information, users can motivate the user community to connect more, be powerful and enhance the wiki adaptation. Some of the notable features of this knowledge base plugin include developing adaptation, enhancing appointment with group tables, thorough metrics on consumption and contribution, content creation, updates, views by individuals, true time information for all types of content which include attachments, none of the shortcomings of Javascript based analytics.

2. WP Super Cache
This knowledge base plugin help requests and handles it well through email that must be sent from the TheForest profile homepage. Normally, it responds to support requests in just a matter of forty-eight hours during weekdays, depending on the amount of request available in the queue.

The fixed static html data will be provided to the huge majority of users. On the other hand, as user information is shown in the remark form, those needs are managed in the legacy caching engine. Files are provided to a user who is not logged in, a user who has not left a remark on the blog or a user who has not seen a password secured post.

The great amount of visitors will be provided with fixed html files. Users who do not view the files will still gain as they will view various cached data which are not pretty as effective, but still good compared to uncached. This state of the art plugin will assist the server to manage a front page appearance on various social networking websites.

3. Knowledgebase
This knowledge base plugin adds general knowledge base functionality to the Redmine plan management application. This plugin is accessible in two categories that monitor the version of REdmine to reflect the degree of compatibility. For those who are utilizing 1.x.x, utilize a 0.x.x series of the knowledge base. When you are utilizing Redmine 2 plus, utilize a knowledge base version 2.

4. Storm Knowledge Base
This knowledge base plugin offers an easy means of handling knowledge as a portion of the set of methods or modules. Since last year, this has been sustained as an individual project. You only have to download the project once you are utilizing storm 6. X 2. X and above.

5. DokuWiki
This knowledge base plugin makes some type of professional system in Dokuwiki and could be utilized for knowledge bases. This is essential if you are requiring a system to detailed user issues to solve the problem or have sufficient detail for 2nd level.

You can install this knowledge base plugin utilizing the Plugin Manager and then stream the URL listed on the website which points to the newest version of the Dokiwiki.