5 Best Free WordPress Page Template Plugins

Page templates make life easier among business people as they leverage them to further create better content. They even brainstorm for several templates and decide on the one that they can take advantage of.

Here is the list of the top 5 best free WordPress page template plugins that can be used to create a newer theme or add another theme to the current one.

1. AMR Shortcode Any Widget

This utility plugin permits one to use any widget in the page shortcode in any of the themes. There is no longer a need to make a special template or use a hybrid theme. The query posts can be used to make an archive in the page.

In using this plugin, there is a need to test the chosen widget that works on the normal sidebar. The plugin must also be activated. Next, there is a need to continue to the appearance and look for the shortcode sidebar.

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The chosen widgets must be dragged from the configured sidebar and then on the short codes sidebar. Then, turn to the page wherein you want to see the configured widget. If it does not work properly, then there a debug prompt will appear.

This plugin is carefully tested with the standardized widgets such as tag cloud, meta, pages, RSS feeds, and search. If you will be using a widget for various reasons, then there is a need to make use of the widget ID.

2. Simple Frontend Templay Display

This plugin can be used to track the different templates without the need to jump on the edit screen every time you are interested to check the template. The only thing that must be done is to install this plugin. At the toolbar on the pages of the site, it voluntarily shows up.

3. Genesis Prose Extras

This plugin is perfect to acquire a homepage template for widgetized Prose. This works well with prose 1.5 update systems. This only means that you will not lose the widget stuff or home template when performing all these auto updates.

Actually, this is an excellent tool for the prose themes of the Genesis. It only means that this additional-on plugin is perfect for the theme framework of Genesis and “Prose” child. This features fifteen setting options and seventeen various feature for the Prose powered websites.

This homepage template is widgetized, with almost three widget areas. The plugins are hooked into the Import or Export admin section that allows you to import or export this plugin or combine the plugin settings with Genesis or Prose settings.

Apart from it, it is also possible to fix little CSS issues with the use of Firefox Browser on input fields and text areas in the Genesis and Prose admin settings pages. This plugin is completely compatible to different sites. This is also internationalized and is packed with German and English language.

4. Genesis Widgetized Archive

This plugin takes control over the archive pages. Building a sitemap-like or archive listing content is great as it only uses three automatic and responsive columns.

5. Omit Parent Theme Page Templates

As the name suggests, this plugin omits all of the page templates in the parent theme at the template dropdown.