5 Best Free WordPress Quiz Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Quiz Plugins

1. WordPress Quiz

Wordpress Quiz Plugin

2. WP Feedback, Survey & Quiz Manager

Wordpress Quiz Manager Plugin

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If you have weight the advantages and disadvantages of online quizzes and decided that you also want to have some for your website, then the next challenge that you should take into consideration is to find the best free WordPress quiz plugins to choose from. There are actually lots of features of online quizzes that most website owners look for, but the primary feature that most people consider is the price. So, here are some of the most sought after free quiz plugins for WordPress.

1. mTouch Quiz WordPress Plugin

If you are looking for the easiest and quickest way of getting online quizzes up in your WordPress site, then this plugin is one of the best option. This is totally for free, which you can use in creating interesting quizzes. Though its free version is equipped with limited options, but it still has sufficient features that can help you create handy quizzes. It supports touch screen devices and regular components. Other features include multiple choice, multiple correct answers, hints, answer order and random questions, limit attempts.


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2. Watu Pro Online Test Plugin

This effective quiz tool is being used to create online quizzes for free. It is commonly sought after for creating fill in the blanks and multiple choice type questions. The commercial version of this quiz plugin can be purchased for 47 dollars while the ‘lite version’ is easily accessible for a free download. This plugin is using the inbuilt editor of WordPress to editing questions. Thus, with this quiz plugin, you can be way creative in making questions.

3. Quiz Master

Quiz Master is also one of the best free WordPress quiz plugins available. This is very similar from the above mentioned plugins. This is also being used to make fill in the blanks and multiple choices type of questions and it also has an ability of storing questions. The results are mailed automatically to candidates by this plugin. This plugin also provides room for candidates to check their answers if they’re correct or wrong.

4. WP Quiz and Survey Tool

Wp Quiz and Survey Tool is also one of the many plugins that allow you to make surveys and quizzes. This plugin actually restricts the amount of submission i.e one submission for one ip. This is useful for those who run crowdsourcing sites. Webmasters can also enable registrations by the use of this plugin. In addition to that, you can issue essential PDF certificates using WP Quiz and Survey tool.

5. Quizzin

This plugin is similar to the quiz master. This plugin will help you in making as much questions as well as choices. It is also being offered for free, thus more and more people are opting for this WordPress quiz plugin.

These are only some of the best free WordPress quiz plugins, there are more for you to consider. All the above mentioned plugins can prove to be very useful on your WordPress website. Now that you know the different quiz plugins that you can download for free, why wait? Try them out!