5 Best Free WordPress Redirection Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Redirection Plugins

1. 5sec Redirect

5sec Redirect

2. RedirectPlus – WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

RedirectPlus - WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

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Best Free WordPress Redirection Plugins

It is not easy for bookmark users and search engines to link their posts when you change the so called permalink structures. With the help of the WordPress, they will provide you with the best redirection plugins that will assist you in your engine rank and re-index of your posts, pages and everything that is based on your new permalink. Here are some of the WordPress redirection plugins that will help you in a lot of ways.

1. Simple 301 Redirects

This is a kind of plugin that will offer you an easy process in order for you to redirect your requests to another website page and other pages on the internet. In some point, you cannot preserve the so called URL structure if you transfer your website into WordPress, but with the help of this plugin, you have the ability to make it. By simply setting up your 301 redirects from your old pages into the new pages, most of your visitors can be linked to your new page even if they click your original URL and your page rank will be preserved.

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2. Quick Page or Post Redirect Plugin

This kind of redirect plugin is very easy and helpful in order for you to redirect your posts, pages to another external URL and page. This redirect plugin has an option box that is located in the edit section that will give you the opportunity to choose your redirect location as well as the type that you want. This redirect plugin is considered as one of the features that you can set your menu link in order for you to open a new window and rewrite your URL in order to replace your default page URL. You can also redirect without creating a post or page.

3. Permalink Finder Plugin

This kind of plugin has the ability to automatically detect if your WordPress cannot find a permalink. As a replacement for creating a 404 error, the plugin will search with the help of the database and will try to locate the posts with the same words from a bad link. It is the best way to send back a redirect in order to have a correct page rather than generating a 404 error. As the best outcome of the searches, the user will easily see the page that they are looking for as well as the search engine can see the 301 update in their database and the pages will appear correctly in the search result.

4. Redirection Plugin

This is a kind of WordPress plugin and considered as the best ones to manage the 301 redirections, tide up the loose ends of your sites and keep track of the 404 errors. This can also help you transfer your pages from your old websites. It also has 20 available languages that are widely used by all the WordPress users throughout the world.

5. Permalink Redirect Plugin by Yoast

This is a kind of WordPress redirect plugin that fixes all weird add-ons into your URL and automatically redirecting for the permalink page, post and category tag. This is also considered as complete WordPress SEO that exists in the WordPress organization.