5 Best Free WordPress SMTP Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium SMTP Plugins

1. Advanced WordPress Email Delivery

Wordpress SMTP Premium Plugins

2. Simple SMTP Tools

Wordpress Simple SMTP Tools Plugin

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If you are looking for the best free WordPress SMTP plugins, you are lucky because this article will embark upon the best yet free WordPress SMTP Plugins accessible today such as:

1. Simple SMTP Tools
With this SMTP plugin, users can manage some factors of sending electronic mails by means of WordPress mailer. Users can change from name and electronic mail and keep away from potential concerns. For those who want to utilize SMTP server to convey emails by means of Simple SMTP tools, users can set Yahoo or Gmail servers easily. Users can also assess the setting of email through conveying test email. Some of the essential features of this plugin are fast and simple to install, assist for all SMTP servers, direct assistance for Gmail server, manage email sending, directly supports Yahoo SMTP server, directly assist for outlook, hotmail and Live SMTP servers.

2. Gmail SMTP
One can utilize this plugin as mail exchange or a server with WP Newsletter plugin, but there are particular settings that need to be utilized.

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Working with a plugin has turned out to be more valuable and effective with the latest technology and item based apps. Setup and installation is an easy procedure which only takes 2 minutes or less. This plugin also provides 2 other ports, the 8025 and 2525. So, users have access without the need of doing any practical job with the firewall. This plugin allows you to personalize email ads and allows you to start utilizing the latest SMTP service.

4. WP-Mail SMTP
This is considered one of the best free WordPress SMTP plugins at this point in time. This allows users to configure the WordPress mail, function to utilize SMTP rather than mail and makes a choices page which allows users to specify different options. This also allows the user to set options such as identifying email ad for outgoing email and specifying the name. This also allows you to select to deliver mail through PHP or SMTP mail function, identify SMTP port and SMTP host and select TLS and SSL encryption. This is far different from STARTTLS. This also allows users to utilize SMTP authentication and identify SMTP username as well as password.

5. Easy WordPress SMTP
Easy WP SMTP lets users configure as well as deliver every outgoing email by means of SMTP server. It also prevents the email from going to spam or junk folder of the receiver. Some of the notable features of Easy WP SMTP plugins include send email utilizing an SMTP server or utilizing Yahoo, Gmail as well as Hotmail SMTP server once users have an account with them. This allows you to connect seamlessly to the WordPress website with an email server to manage all departing emails. It is as when the email has been made in the mail account. This also sends emails safely to the recipients.

There are many types of SMTP plugins which can help sending emails safely and securely. All you have to do is to choose which you think is appropriate for you.