5 Best Free WordPress Tag Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Tag Plugins

1. Extended Tags Widget – WordPress Premium Plugin

Extended Tags Widget - WordPress Premium Plugin

2. Taggify – Simple Tag Index

Taggify - Simple Tag Index

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WordPress Tag Plugins let users assign the category tags on wiki pages. They also help in organizing the content on the website. They also turn uninteresting tag list into a magical input which turns every tag into an amazing object. The plugin also handles the data and provides a list of tags.

1. Simple Tags

This tag plugin is considered as the best and perfect tool in managing the WP terms related for taxonomy. Also, this comes with the philosophy of more secured and better performance that provides a lot of functions. This is developed and administered along the features of tags suggestion, tags management, edit feature, auto tags, click tags, input tags and easy configuration.

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2. Multiple Tags

This tag plugin helps users to combine all of the repeated tags in just a single tag name. Using this plugin helps users to add more of the repeated tags in just a single group name. They are also allowed to add for five customizable group tags and name. They can also choose for the ideal group name in the section that allows adding new post.

Once the post is published, the tags in the group name are added on the tag section.

3. ESV CrossRef

This tag plugin is responsible in scanning the site for Bible-related references. Once it already found a reference for the Bible, it is converted on the hoverable link. Upon installing this tag plugin, the website will then scan the site for New Testament and Old Testament bible references. When the Bible Reference is found on the page, the references are converted into the so-called hover-able link. Every time that a converted link is already hovered over, a pop up tab will appear that contain the reference for scripture. More so, this plug-in is basically designed to consist of a single file for JavaScript in the footer.

4. My GeoPosition

This tag plug-in allows users to create geo-maps and metatags and geo-post tags for pages and posts. They can also make use of a geo picker that comes with an auto-locating functionality that helps enter locations.

Apart from it, geotagged location can be displayed in a map, within or after the post. Adding geo-metatags on pages and posts; adding geo-post tags on posts; adding geo-feed tags on newsfeeds; adding geo-micro formats on pages and posts and adding map which have geotagged location on pages and posts are made possible. The browser makes it possible to detect the position automatically (FF4+ API and IE9+. It also supports micro formats, feed tags, post tags and meta tags.

5. WP Semantria

This plugin makes it possible to integrate Semantria and generate customized taxonomies. Actually, this is a simple plugin that permits users to connect on the API account of Semantria on WordPress. Taxonomies are customized and tags are generated for the posts.

With the best free WordPress Tag Plugins, you need to get one that meets your requirements and needs!