5 Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Testimonials Plugins

1. Testimonials Showcase WordPress Plugin

Testimonials WordPress Plugin

2. Testimonials WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Premium Testimonials Plugin

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Widgets or WordPress testimonial plugins provides the likelihood to show reviews, random portfolios or chosen, showcases, with images or text on your blog or website. Here are some of the best free WordPress testimonial plugins available today.

1. Testimonial Widget

This free WordPress testimonial plugin provides users with the chance to show quotes, images, text and many more in the weblog or site. Some of the notable features of this free WordPress plugin are: Administration interface to put in, mange and edit the preferred testimonials. Capable of controlling many widgets for every post or page. Fields for testimonials, source, title, image, email, company, URL information and location. Filter to control the output of testimonial. Multiple paging choices for the list of testimonials. Setting import and export. View testimonial archive. View single testimonial such as source, location, title, company email and image. Utilize custom taxonomy and most of all testimonial widget can be downloaded for free.


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2. Testimonial Woo Themes

This free testimonial plugin represents a simple to use and clean testimonial administration plan for websites and WordPress contents. Load in what customers are telling about your company and show these testimonials through a short code, template tag or widget on the website or blog.

3. GC Testimonial Plugin

This free testimonial plugin allows users to gather and show testimonials on the website or WordPress blog easily. This was built in short codes, so it is straightforward to determine what you like whenever you want on your site. Users can add, delete and edit the testimonial with the choice of supplementing pictures to the testimonials. Essential features of the free testimonial plugins include simple to manage testimonials and users can add pictures to the testimonials, employ short codes for adaptability of display and widget to display testimonial. This testimonial plugin allows the users to choose a testimonial category in order to show testimonials from, select to display the testimonials as cycle or static, hide or show testimonial pictures and many more.

4. BNE Testimonial Plugin

These free testimonials plugins utilize custom post forms to show and keep the testimonial file. Users can also send the data from single install to one more anytime. This utilizes features photos, two custom fields which offer a tagline like the name of the company and website URL. Features of BNE testimonial include shortcode is powered with lots of parameters and attribute settings show the testimonials with a short code on all or any page, show the testimonials on the sidebar with the given list and slider widget comes with photo support as well. BNE can be downloaded for free. Just visit the BNE website.

5. Basic Testimonial Plugins

This free testimonial WordPress plugin allows users to show testimonials on the sidebar or post through widget and it also allows users to add a spot on their personal testimonial. When this plugin is selected under the WordPress plugin menu, a homepage or screen will appear. Users can add or update testimonies and view a list of past testimonials.