5 Best Free WordPress Thumbnail Gallery Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Thumbnail Gallery Plugins

1. Thumbnail Gallery WordPress Plugin

Thumbnail Gallery WordPress Plugin

2. Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery

Justified Image Grid Premium WordPress Gallery

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Blogs without stunning images seem to be dull and uninviting. Therefore, bloggers are advised to invest time and effort in creating thumbnail gallery. This is an excellent way of ensuring that site visitors will take time to read your content and explore your site. Many individuals are on the lookout for the best free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugins. They believed that this plug in helps in sprinkling desirable and attention-seeking images to their blogs.

Gallery of images is needed not just by bloggers but also by photographers, artists and quilters. Adding photos to WordPress blogs is now a breeze because photo gallery or thumbnail gallery plugins are now to the rescue. Individuals who are serious of making their WordPress blogs appealing to site visitors can consider some of the best free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugins:

1. NextGen Gallery

This is one of the most popular and best free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugins of all time garnering more than seven million downloads. This plugin offers powerful and reliable engine for managing and uploading galleries of photos. This has the excellent capacity of importing data, batching upload, deleting, rearranging, adding and sorting images, editing thumbnails, grouping galleries in albums and many more.

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The NextGen WordPress gallery plugin also offers two different display styles including thumbnail galleries and slideshows and both comes with broad array of convenient options for controlling style, size, transitions, colors, timing, effects and all other related aspects. This plugin features upload galleries, manage galleries and display galleries. Overall, the NextGen gallery plugin edits images, organizes and manages thumbnail.

2. Fancy Gallery

This free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugin earns recognition because this provides numerous effect options and layouts. This plugin is frequently sought upon by individuals these days because this can manage many different types of content including video.

3. Gmedia Gallery

This free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugin helps in altering your content the way you desire it to be. Gmedia Gallery plug in is an excellent option when uploading pictures, making photograph display and collecting pictures for slideshow. This plugin can fabulously demonstrate the best of your items.

4. Thumbnail Gallery

This gallery plugin is recognized for its responsive layout, customization options and many other impressive features. This can easily help you in adding thumbnail gallery in your WordPress blog or site. This plugin makes customizing every gallery, adding Flash or HTML, designing navigation buttons and using them, using unlimited number of photo galleries on the WordPress site and displaying countless images in the gallery. This plugin is completely integrated and resizable.

5. ReFlex Gallery

This is another fully responsive gallery plugin that aids in creating dynamically pretty styles of photo. This also allows users to create multiple galleries that guarantees clear and comprehensive image representation.

The best free WordPress thumbnail gallery plugins are what you need in customizing your blog site and attracting more visitors to stay and explore what your site has to offer. There might be several plugins to choose from but it is best to choose the one that suits your need.