5 Best Free WordPress Video Gallery Plugins

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Video Plugin WordPress Plugin

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Video Gallery WordPress

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WordPress is an awesome content management and blogging system but there are various ways on how to make this even better and using the most suitable plugin is one of them. It has become a necessity for site owners to upload interesting and engaging videos and other forms of multimedia to their sites. Whether you just have to embed Vimeo or Youtube video on a page or post or need a more robust solution to meet your video goals, the best free WordPress video gallery plugins can definitely help you a lot.

These plugins play specialized functions that help users achieve their desired results. The following is the list of the best free WordPress video gallery plugins that can give you heads up and fulfill your needs:

Huzzaz Gallery Plugin

This is a reliable and functional video gallery plugin for WordPress allows users to share videos in a single place with the aid of simple shortcode. The main reasons why you need to choose and use this video gallery plugin are the ability to turn your exclusive WordPress blog or page to a beautiful gallery, capacity of collecting and organizing videos on a Pinterest style utilizing Huzzaz. Another reason is that this plugin is fully responsive and this automatically paginates video gallery for users. Other interesting features of this plugin are excellent functionality in reorganizing videos, ideal video gallery update and many more.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Simple Video WordPress Gallery Plugin

This is one of the best free WordPress video gallery plugin allowing users to add playlists and series of stunning videos on a post or blog page. This has been built on a style sheet editor making it easy and simple to adopt the feel and the looks that you want.

Tube Press

This is a simple and easy to use video gallery plugin giving users various controls when embedding Vimeo or Youtube videos automatically. You just have to adjust the setting according to your preference and a video gallery will automatically be created for you. This video gallery plugin is noted for its strongest features including the capacity to provide users with multiple ways to select specific videos that will complete the gallery they have created.

Cool Video Plugin

This is another free WordPress Video Gallery Plugin allowing users to put particular video galleries in your pages or posts in various different styles. This plugin works in such a way that it adds video that you desire one by one. After the video has been successfully added, you are now able to manage the said videos on backend.

Youtube Channel Video Gallery Plugin

This plugin enables users to insert videos on designated Youtube channel. Users can also put pages or posts with short codes or they can place galleries to widgets.

There are still more best free WordPress video gallery plugins that can help individuals create and establish compact, nice and impressive video gallery. These plugins play vital role in improving the content of the site including videos.