5 Best WordPress Menu Plugins


1. Dropdrown Menu Widget

This WordPress plugin adds a dropdown menu widget for your listing pages and categories. Make your current WordPress navigation into a beautiful dropdown that is compatible for a vertical or horizontal layout. Create your own theme and customize the menu using CSS.

2. OpenMenu

Easily create posts with the OpenMenu plugin and embed restaurant menus for your existing WordPress site. It easily integrates into your existing theme and ready to use as a widget or menu ready option.

3. WP Jump Menu

Easily customize and edit the options of your jump menu in your WordPress admin bar. Choose your desired background, font, or link color along with the message you want displayed. Easily edit that page or post through the post drop-drown menu.

4. Page Management

This plugin allows you to easily manage and rearrange through drag and drop your pages. You can edit the level of pages and view all your sites posts and pages on the same page. Hide sub pages and view your WordPress site pages more easily.

5. jQuery Responsive Select Menu

This menu plugin helps your site be responsive for mobile devices and converts your WordPress menus into drop down elements. Easily customize your menu and choose width, text, and affects. A lightweight plugin that works for all menus.

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