5 Steps to a Content Based Marketing Strategy

Steps to Content Marketing

Five Core Elements Of Online Content Marketing

Suppose a potential customer wants to purchase a product your company offers and conducts an online search. Will they find your company and your product? Not if you don’t have a targeted online content marketing strategy that focuses on five core elements: business blog, ebooks and whitepapers, webinars and webcasts, video, and Email marketing.

1. Email

Email is still the most popular form of online content marketing with many businesses using eMail marketing as more than just a sales channel. Whether marketing business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C), eMail is an efficient and cost-effective way to have a relevant online content presence. You can follow up on new leads with custom email campaigns tailored to your customer needs that are timed to guide them through the sales tunnel.

2. Blogging

Business blogging has proven to be useful and popular for connecting with an audience, expanding your brand’s online presence, and getting new customers. There is a strong correlation between the frequency of blog posts and new customer acquisition by drawing traffic to your site promoting premium content.

3. Ebooks

Ebooks and whitepapers are longer content pieces considered premium content marketing offers that require more time and resources to produce. They work by giving the potential customer the chance to complete a form before they can download the content.

4. Video

Studies show that people who view videos are more likely to make a purchase than those who did not which is why video-friendly mobile devices and social sites like YouTube are becoming popular marketing tools. Videos can further promote premium content such as ebooks and whitepages and blogs.

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5. Interactive Webinars

Go interactive with webinars, a form of web conferencing, which are live online meetings which encourage viewers to ask questions. They are a great place to promote new content material. Similar to webinars are webcasts and podcasts. They contain audio content that can be downloaded and listened to at any time, but don’t include the interactive element that webinars offer. They can be used as a compliment to move potential customers through the sales tunnel.

In summary, here’s how the five elements work. A customer conducts an online search for a product, but not necessarily your specific product. They discover you company’s blog with a link to an ebook that has information about the product they are searching for. Because they have signed up for the ebook, the customer will receive emails one of which announces an upcoming webinar. They ask questions during the presentation, and decide to take a look at your website. They view a promotional video on your homepage and decide to purchase your company’s product. Using these give core elements of online content marketing will ensure your company’s success in gaining satisfied customers.