6 Awesome Viral Marketing Concepts

Viral Marketing Strategy

Creating Marketing Content People Crave

Crafting content that people crave, seek out, and are willing to invest in is the goal of every marketer. Whether trying to promote a turnkey business opportunity, a 6 week fitness plan, or a water ionization system it is essential to create an article, commercial, or advertisement which will hook a person’s interest, get them to relate with the material, and plant a seed in their mind that continues to grow.

Trying to come up with content to get these objectives across may seem daunting at first. However, with focused thought on people’s wants, desires, and needs it becomes easy to do.

No matter whom a person is, or what their upbringing was, or what culture they were raised in, or what their current status in life is they all share one thing in common: they are human beings. And as such, we are able to generate content that will resonate with them on an emotional level.

Reading or hearing a story about another person who had a lifelong dream come true always sits well with its audience. People can relate to wanting something–whether it is a car, career, or opportunity—with great desire, but believing it is out of their reach. When offered a chance to learn about the success of others achieving their ultimate dreams it instills hope within them. They start to believe that their dreams can still come true and relish in the content that shares this idea with them.

Similar content that people crave is the underdog story, David conquering Goliath. There are obstacles that impede the progress of every person, no matter what they are striving for. Unfortunately too many allow themselves to believe that these obstructions are insurmountable. By creating content that illustrates situations where the smaller, weaker person was able to persist and achieve greatness, toppling their rival; marketers are able to strike an emotional chord with their intended audience.

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The secret to creating great content for marketing is first understanding people. Once that is accomplished a marketer can find a way to tell a story that not only entertains, but educates the reader in the process; deliver material that will inspire the audience, calling them to action and reminding them that they do matter in life.

People will always enjoy material that makes them feel. It can be a feeling of pride or disgust, a feeling of joy or grief, a feeling of comfort or anger. Marketing content can be designed to solicit a response for any of these emotions and people will come back to it time and again. They will recommend it to their friends, their co-workers, and their family. They will seek out this type of content because it speaks to them and touches them on a human level.