6 Best Free WordPress 404 Plugins

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1. 5sec Proper 404

Wordpress 404 Plugins

2. WordPress Ultimate 404 Plugin

Wordpress Ultimate 404 Plugin

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Dead, broken, or orphan pages usually affect user experience in any site. This can actually be frustrating and annoying, which can even cause users and visitors to leave the site and transfer to a new search result. Thus, it is essential for you to take some time and conduct website maintenance if you want to improve the overall performance of your site.

You can always rely on the best free WordPress 404 plugins available on the internet to manages your site and keep it error free. More and more website owners are on the lookout for the best possible plugins that can help them address 404 issues. Below are some of the most common free plugins that you should also consider using.

Redirection Plugin

The Redirection Plugin is an excellent WordPress plugin that keep track for 404 errors, it manages 301 redirections, and it tidies loose ends that your website may have. This is especially useful if you’re migrating web pages from your old website, or if you are altering the WordPress installation directory. Some of its features include: supports Apache based and WordPress based redirections, it captures 404 error logs and it also enables you to conveniently map these into 301 redirects, RSS feeds aimed at 404 errors, custom pass through redirections that allow users to pass URL though into another web page, website, and file.

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404 Notifier

This plugin will help notify you for any 404 error coming up in your website. It is a very beneficial plugin especially if you are changing the permalink structure. It is also useful if you are moving things. With this plugin, you don’t have to worry about missing some things from your site.

Smart 404

Smart 404 is a powerful plugin that helps remove 404 pages effectively and automatically. If visitors reach a web page that’ll return 404 errors, this effective plugin will search that requested URL in order to see whether there are some matching posts. If there is one or more potential match, this plugin can return lists of potential or possible links.

Google 404

This useful widget will make it easier for you to embed ‘Google search box’ on your 404 page. This is one of the most sought after and one of the best free WordPress 404 plugins that you should consider using for possible 404 errors.

404 Redirected

The 404 Redirected enables WordPress administrations to have full control over their redirects and dead links within their admin panel. This plugin records almost all the URLs that the users visited. Aside from that, it also allows you to conveniently and easily create 302 and 301 redirects.

JH 404 Logger

This fantastic plugin potentially adds dashboard widget displaying 404 errors that are recently encountered. It is an effective way of seeing if your website returns errors.

The best way for you to prevent 404 errors is to stay proactive. Use the above mentioned best free WordPress 404 plugins and change the future of your website.