6 Best Free WordPress Ebay Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Ebay Plugins

1. WordPress Automatic Plugin

Wordpress Automatic Plugin

2. WooCommerce Simple Auctions

WooCommerce Simple Auctions

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With the huge popularity of online shopping, there are more and more people who consider the convenience and comfort it offers. So, if you are one of those people wanting to start a business through an online shopping site like eBay, looking at the possibilities offered by a WordPress plugins must be a great idea.

One good thing about using these plugins is the fact that you no longer need to use along with your personal eBay seller’s account, as you can utilize them with an eBay affiliate program and generate income to refer new eBay members. Hence, with the many advantages of this tools, you surely want to know and use the best free WordPress eBay plugins.

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The following are few of the best free WordPress eBay plugins:

1. eBay Flash Seller

eBay Flash Seller is the plugin that enables to display auctions in eBay from a distinctive seller, within a flash carousel in any page of WordPress.

2. MoneyPress

This MoneyPress eBay edition plugin enables you from easily displaying eBay products in accordance to the keywords you give. The plugin makes it easy to display product listings for just about anything related to your website. All entries of product are also provided with present asking prices, images, and eBay links for acquiring further information regarding the product. You may also have your own products listed by providing your seller ID, or selling any item on eBay and get a commission with an eBay partner ID or any other affiliate program approved ID.

3. Auction Nudge

This plugin is a free widget which enables any member of eBay from displaying their active information on eBay like feedback, profile badge or listings on their site, blog and other sites on which they could include a minute code snippet.

4. eBay Feed for WordPress

This plugin enables you from easily and quickly placing feeds from an eBay partner network into a WordPress blog. It can easily be fixed into posts that are assigned as widgets or have been inserted into themes. This only means that the flexibility of this plugin is indeed huge. eBay Feed for WordPress is sure perfect for bloggers who want to generate more profit through their sites by promoting the affiliate program of eBay and users selling their own products on eBay.

5. WCCWPPI (WatchCount.Com WordPress PlugIn)

This eBay WordPress plugin is completely free, displaying the most popular items of eBay and latest auctions concurrently, within the sidebar of the blog, which is a WordPress widget and in certain blog posts. You may also display eBay products from any particular seller, or display the daily deals of eBay.

6. WP eBay Daily Deals

With WP eBay Daily Deals, you will be allowed to insert the listing of daily deals of eBay within your sidebar. Once you include your eBay partner network campaign identification, you may produce more money from the amount of traffic you generate to eBay. This makes this plugin really beneficial.

So, if you want to make the most of being eBay affiliate seller, using these plugins in your own website must be a good idea.