6 Best Free WordPress Feedburner Plugins

At the WordPress, acquiring the most from self-hosted website is achievable with the use of WordPress Feed burner plugins. Feed burner plugins are helpful as they power the feeds and make them available for people to subscribe.

Feedburner can be used to empower the feeds and allow them to be available for people to subscribe to. It also serves feeds as it has its display options and detailed statistic, such as the sharing buttons. This external service is owned and operated by Google. However, this is not linked with any project of WordPress.

All of the feeds can be automatically redirected on the feed burner. In this way, old and new subscribers like Google Reader may start fetching from the Feedburner.

Installing a plugin is recommended that simplifies the process of redirection on the Feedburner. Here are 6 of the best free WordPress Feedburner plugins to choose from:

1. FeedBurner FeedSmith Extend

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This plugin is originally discovered by none other than Steve Smith. All the ways are detected in having access on the most original feeds on WordPress. They are now redirected on the FeedBurner. More so, when it is enhanced, the tag and category can also be redirected.

2. FD Feedburner Plugin

This plug in is responsible in redirecting the central feed. The comments are optionally directed on the Feedburner.com. This is done without the need of modifying templates, modifying .htaccess files, setting up new hidden feeds and asking users to transfer on a new feed. All of the existing feeds are turned into Feedburner seeds transparently and seamlessly for various users. The plugin only need to be told about the URL of the feed burner and then it is done.

This plugin is mainly available in different languages like German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hebrew, Turkish, Hungariana and French.

3. Primary Feedburner

This feed burner plugin helps users to redirect their visitors to the website feed on the feed burner. This allows one to track and customize the feeds in possible and simple ways with the use of WordPress. However, this will require the use of an account on the Feedburner.

4. Feedburner Widget

This widget plugin is simple and easy to use in customizing and displaying the statistics button on the FeedBurner subscribers. In using this plugin, there is a need to register in the Feedburner and then activate the service. All of the customization options are accessible to edit them on the menu.

This widget can be perfectly updated to function with the URLs of the feed burner.

5. Feedburner Optin Form

An email subscription is added by this plugin anywhere in the WordPress website. The email subscription is then added on the posts for increased subscriber count. In putting the plugin form, there are two various formats to choose from such as sidebar formats and main formats.
It features a display on any of the page or post. It is also self-contained that includes the CSS on the blog post.

6. Feedburner Follow Me

This simple plugin allows one to show the subscription of Google Feedburner, either as sidebar or floating button. This is helpful to many visitors in subscribing the feed and receiving new updates in the inbox.