6 Best Free WordPress Ipad Plugins

If you want to make your iPad work according to your needs or just want it to get updated, it is necessary that you get some of the best free WordPress iPad plugins. These plugins will give you the advantage of making your WordPress website work conveniently. It is necessary that you get these plugins installed in your iPad to enhance the features of your website for iPad users, as well.

The Top 6 Free WordPress Ipad Plugins

The following are the best free WordPress iPad plugins that you can choose to install in your iPad gadget to ensure your WordPress site’s versatility:

1. MoPublication
If you want to create iPad apps on your site the most cost effective and easiest way, this plugin is the best for you. You will get the chance to create a particular iOS app that is suited for your WordPress website. The process for making an app is really simple, giving you the advantage to create a versatile app for your website.

2. IPad Rubberneck Disrupter
Privacy is always an important matter to people and being able to get this plugin will help in keeping your password for your WordPress account hidden as you use your iPad for logging in. This plugin will cover up every key you press as you enter your password keeping your password kept in secrecy.

3. YouTube
Videos can also be a part of your WordPress website and being able to get the YouTube embed plugin for your website will enhance the performance of your website for SEO and will increase its ability in getting as much traffic as possible. The plugin will allow your users to view YouTube videos in its best quality when playing.

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4. iBuildApp
If you want to convert your WordPress website into a mobile app and connect to larger market base, then it is best that you use this plugin. You can modify app easily and make sure to manage its content consistently. This will also allow you to change particular functional widgets and see to it that all your readers and clients are updated with current notifications.

5. Mobiloud
Another plugin that will help you in converting your website to a mobile app is this one. This will allow your customers to access your website in their mobile devices such as iPad. The use of the plugin will give you the advantage of publishing contents and updating posts even with the use of your iPad and other mobile devices.

6. AppStore Links
This plugin allows you to have an easy linking of various AppStore Apps. The use of this plugin save you from entering several URLs just to go to the app that you want and get the price on each link you add on your site’s page. With using a PHG-ID, you get the chance to create affiliate links with the AppStore automatically.

Using any of these best free WordPress iPad plugins will make your WordPress website compatible to any mobile devices especially with an iPad. The use of any plugin will give your site a chance to increase its audience from mobile users.