6 Best Free WordPress Location Plugins

Today, websites are more complex which contains a lot of advance tools such as plugins and many more. When it comes to effective website content, it is important to have the necessary elements. The value of a website is based generally on its contents and its effectiveness to provide the main idea and purpose of the website. If you are among people who are looking for the best free WordPress location plugins to add to your website overall effectiveness, then here are some best free WordPress location plugins for you.

Top 6 Free WordPress Location Plugins

1. Leaflet Maps Marker
The Leaflet Maps Marker allows people to organize, share and pin your most appreciated places which can be track easily by using WordPress powered site. This excellent plugin helps people to browse location and specific places with advance google maps. This plugin is powered by google maps which makes it reliable. It has beneficial features such as HTML 5 Full screen maps, mobile integrated optimized maps, maker clustering, mobile web application support, custom integration of google maps styling, GPX tracks and many more.

2. Ultimate Google Maps
The ultimate Google map is considered by many worldwide to be the most popular and reputable location WordPress plugin. This is the perfect map that has integrated advance new features that will help people appreciate more about maps and locations. The ultimate Googlge map is capable og innovative features such as driving directions, selection of points and location from map, widget support, mobile integrated, custom marker points, visual editor map short code, JSON custom map style, responsive layout and many more fascinating and useful features.

3. Cartogram
This amazing plug in allows user to create unlimited amount of Google maps that can be posted in pages and post. It enables customization of map by adding different locations to the map. It has advance features such as zoom level, map style, complete control of the map, height, width, mobile integrated and many more user friendly feature and interface.

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4. Interactive World Maps
The interactive world map is a location WordPress plugin that is capable of unlimited map creation with interactive contents, colored markers, countries and regions. This exceptional interactive location plugin has so many useful and creative features that greatly affect the importance of map plugin worldwide.

5. Google Map Editor
The Google Maps editor plugin provides people new ways in creating and editing beautiful and intellectual maps within the WordPress text editor. This amazing location plugin has composed of features and elements that are important when it comes to creating maps.

6. Progress Map WordPress
Progress Map is a wordpress location plugin generally for location listing. This amazing location plug in is capable of helping people who have website for restaurant listing, hotel listing, real estate listing, store listing and many more. The Progress map plugin helps people in having a clearer and meaningful location.

When it comes to web developing having the appropriate elements is the best way to increase a website value. Having location plugins will help your website in providing viewers accurate and efficient location.