6 Best Free WordPress Magento Plugins

Magento has become the leader of the world especially for running and setting up online shops of different types. In fact, thousands of online shops have been successfully set up with the use of this excellent platform. You probably are looking for the best free WordPress Magento plugins in order to enhance your WordPress site. Well, here are some of the best options that you should take into careful considerations.

Magentix – The Magento Recycle Bin

Accidentally deleting your products is among the most time consuming and annoying mistakes that people usually make while they are handling their online stores. Fortunately, this plugin does exactly the things that you want. This can be your best life saver especially when you don’t have the patience and time to reload deleted products. It stores them in the bin, all you have to do would be to restore them.


In the internet world, SPAM continues to emerge and they can be very disastrous from your site especially online stores that are highly vulnerable to it. This is one of the best free WordPress Magento plugins that you should have if you want to be protected from various forms such as Contact Us, Product Review, Send To Friend, etc.

Google Content API for Shopping

If you own an online store website, you probably know about the essentials of Google search ranking and SEO – they actually hold the success and popularity of your online store. This plugin enables you to easily transfer your online store into Google’s latest API. This only means that your catalogue information and your products will appear when people search for your shop or other keywords that are related with your service or product.

Exploded Menu

If you have numerous products to offer with lots of categories to incorporate in your site, then this plugin is the best option for you. This actually is one of the best free WordPress Magento plugins that are being used by online business owners. It doesn’t just make you web page appear even better by getting rid of boring ‘Drop Down Menus’, it also makes your site simpler for the clients to look through and select between the different products and categories.

The Blog Millionaire Podcast

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Mouse Over Zoom

This is another one of the best free WordPress Magento plugins that can take away few Magento shortcomings and replace them with better features. The standard Magento zoom is not appreciated by lots of people but this plugin enables you to easily view zoomed photos of products in a right side box.

Magento WebForms

WebFroms is an important part of most online business sites. The amount of forms needed actually depend upon the unique needs and size of the sites. This free plugin allows you to develop custom web form exclusively for your platform. You just have to install this plugin, create different forms such as Comment forms, Contact us, Suggestions and Complaints, Feedback Forms, and other forms according to the customized needs and requirements of the business.

The above mentioned plugins are just one of the most sought after and one of the best free WordPress Magento plugins that every website owner should consider having.