6 Best Free WordPress Payment Plugins

There is a wide variety of WordPress plugins and each of them has its specific role played in the WordPress site of the people. Today, it is the right time for you to learn about the best free WordPress payment plugins which can support you in whatever specific purpose you have in mind. Here is the following list of WordPress payment plugins that are offered for free.

1. WP e-commerce

Wpe-commerce has been widely used among the users of WordPress. This is because it comes with a lot of features while it is offered for free. You can take advantage of various payment solutions. It allows you to accept manual payments like money orders or checks, Pay Pal Payment Pro, Cronopay, Google Checkout, Pay Pal Express Checkout, and Pay Pal Payment Pro.

2. Ecwid

Ecwid is another WordPress free plugin. This has been a shopping cart and full e-commerce system. Ecwid can be installed, customized and maintained easily. The potential clients should have JavaScript to apply it on their website.

3. eShop

E Shop is a free WordPress plugin that has been made as a full e-commerce system and good e-cart. It can be installed easily and you can review products, check stats, and review products in the simplest way. You may even customize this completely to look awesome. It accepts Payson or PayPal only.

4. WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart Plugin

This WordPress payment plugin has been made so lightweight and easy to use. It helps the users in selling services or products online in only 1 click from their WordPress blog. They can add a button called “Add to Cart” anywhere they want on their blog. It also allows adding a shopping cart in a sidebar, page or post easily. This shopping cart will show the users what they recently have in their car and let them remove or add items. All payment processes are done through PayPal.

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5. WP Auctions Plugin

WP Auctions Plugin has been a simple WordPress that will let you host auction on your own site in WordPress in order to sell products or services you want. This is completely free and it features easy installation. It only takes about 1 minute to complete the installation process. After that, you can host your own auctions within 5 minutes in your own WP site. When you list the auctions, register your own plugin with live page of WordPress Auctions.

6. ArtPal Plugin

ArtPal has been a free WordPress Plugin (GPL) which was originally created for artists. This is to help them seamlessly associate PayPal in terms of their WP blogs. In this way, they can now sell their works online. Integration with PayPal can be done easily by simply providing the real time sales updates, and email address. ArtPal Plugin has been professional supported while it offers other useful features. Digital Sublimity had provided this commercial support to assure that the critical application keeps running and up every time you need it.

The best free WordPress payment plugins depends on your specific needs. Thus, you need to select the most appropriate WP plugin that can fulfill your demand.