6 Best Free WordPress Podcast Plugins

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Day by day, podcasting is becoming more and more popular among several bloggers. This method is efficiently used by many publishers in order to put up traffic and generate audiences. Different from text posts, the method of podcasting creates a much quicker connection with listeners as well as provides you a totally new channel where you engage and connect with subscribers.

The following are some of the best free WordPress podcast plugins you should check out:

1. podPress

This is a well-known WordPress Podcast Plugins. It supports more than 12 file formats in podcasting on which you can pick from. You may produce categories, and may also have sample selections for your listeners. When you are providing paid subscriptions, this plugin offers sufficient options to sustain a content that is pay-only. After you uploaded the podcast you may either have it configured for web page playing or may enable visitor to produce a pop-up window. This also keeps sufficient statistics for keeping track of the podcast performance.

2. Podcasting Plugin by TSG

This convenient plugin contains an extensive range of options to operate an easy-to-access and stable podcast. Just like any other podcast plugins, TSG’s also has an inclusive iTunes support. One of the best options you may like from this plugin is the option to make custom podcasting feeds according to categories and some variable factors.

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3. Blubrry PowerPress Plugin for Podcasting

It is another very well known podcasting plugin utilized by lots of bloggers. This plugin contains several configuration choices and it supports more than two dozen file formats for podcasting, which include inclusive support for iTunes.If you are currently utilizing podPress and wish to change it, this plugin offers an inbuilt migration tool for flawless switch with least hassle. This plugin also offers impressive reporting module and statistics.

4. WordPress iTunes Podcast Directory Plugin by WP-iPodCatter

As its name suggests, WP-iPodCatter completely support iTunes podcast directory-based custom feeds primarily for the benefit of subscribers. With this plugin, you can make infinite custom feeds from the directory-based of iTunes on topics as well as other varied factors. It is lightweight and very easy to utilize for bloggers who daily utilize iTunes being their podcasting mode.

5. Buzzsprout Plugin for Podcasting

When you have an account in Buzzsprout, you may easily utilize this plugin for you to mix your podcasts together that are hosted by Buzzsprout into the WordPress blog. This plugin utilizes shortcodes for embedding podcasts in your preferred location. This plugin also contains inbuilt migration tools in order to enable you from transferring data to other systems of podcasting. You may embed the podcast as flash player or HTML link only.

6. MTR Recorder for Podcasting

Some may think of this plugin as their individual podcasting server integrated right in the WordPress dashboard. With this plugin, you may directly resort your podcast from the dashboard that will then be uploaded in an instant on your server. All filed will be saved as MP3 format giving you the choice to disseminate them in various playlists. This plugin also includes some widgets to display your podcast and inclusive support for embedding your episodes to pages and posts.

Make sure to check out these best free WordPress podcast plugins to make the most of podcasting.