6 Best Free WordPress Project Management Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Project Management Plugins

1. Roo Projects WordPress Plugin

Wordpress Roo Projects Plugin

2. WordPress Task Management Plugin

Wordpress Task Management Plugin

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WordPress is one of the most popular and sought after content management program and blogging tool. And this is because of many reasons, one of these is the fact that WordPress is free and open source. Another probable reason for its popularity is because of its plugins architecture that allows people to extend features.

Its installation isn’t only free of any effect of plugins but its basic applications become more powerful and efficient, thus providing more value for the users. Content managers and bloggers can now use same app in order to manage any projects with the use of the best free WordPress project management plugins. In addition to that, those who are familiar with the use of WordPress can conveniently extend application in order to manage unique PM needs instead of buying expensive and overly complicated systems.

Below are one of the best free WordPress project management plugins, considered as the most recent as well as relevant PM plugins for WordPress that offer excellent functions and project management features.

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SP Client Document and Project Manager

The SP Client Document and Project Management is an effective document collaboration and file management system that offers easy way of uploading, organizing, tracking, and sharing project documents. It’s compatible with versions of up to 3.7.1.


Freelancer plugin is a new WordPress plugin that comes with a promise of a simple yet powerful application for project management as well as client management. It has great functionality, featuring project dashboard, filter options, simple project/task management, drag & drop, file attachments, timer, and calendar.


This is one of the best free WordPress project management plugins that is gaining more and more popularity, showing no signs of stopping. This plugin is an effective WP version. It basically allows the users to develop tasks and projects, delegate rights to the users, and assign various tasks for them. The admin then can easily follow all their progress via status. It also enables comments and attachments to the projects/tasks, which the users can view from their mobile devices.

iProject Web

The iProject Web is only compatible with up to the WP 3.5.2, therefore, it is only useful for those who haven’t updated their versions. This project manger plugin offers features like tasks status tracking, role and user management, file management, email notifications, and even customizable fields.


Orbis is also one of the favorites from the best free WordPress project management plugins available. This is a new business application and project management plugin. It also has intranet and CRM features. Its core functions and features enable management and creation of projects, companies, persons, and comments. You can also extend this plugin with the other excellent plugins like Orbis Timesheets and Orbis Tasks.


The BP GTM plugin will turn your website into an effective developer center, where projects, tasks, categories, discussions, and tags can help you in maintaining your products.

With a wide variety of selection when it comes to the best free WordPress project management plugins, you and your website will be immensely benefited.