6 Best Free WordPress Rating Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Rating Plugins

1. WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

WordPress Comment Rating Plugin

2. MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO

MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget for WordPress PRO

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Once you put up a site, the ratings that readers and visitors would leave to your posts will show how helpful and informative your posts are. This is a way of learning how effective your posts are and whether the things you post are helpful or not. To let your visitors or readers rate your website, it is necessary that you will choose from best free WordPress rating plugins that you can use for your website.

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The Top 6 Free WordPress Rating Plugins

Some of the best free WordPress rating plugins that you can use for letting your visitors rate your posts and pages are as follows:

1. NextGEN Gallery Voting
This plugin give your users the ability of voting and rating any of your NextGEN images. There is also simple options on setting any limits on who has the ability to vote on certain topics you post.

2. Rating-Widget
If you want to get the traditional rating system that uses stars for your WordPress website, then it is best that you choose to get this particular plugin. Unlike other rating systems, many people say that this type of plugin has the most user-friendly and beautiful star and thumb rating for any WordPress sites.

3. Thumbs Rating
Just how the plugin name says, this plugin will do what you expect it to do. This will make your rate a particular post, page, images and other stuff with adding a thumb down or up. It is sure to give you and your users the ease of rating whatever posts you make on your website with ease. This will also help you in getting the results easily.

4. RealSatisfied Widget
With the use of this plugin will the ratings and other testimonials just in the sidebar widget on the site. This plugin will keep you monitored on the ratings as well as the testimonials that your readers would be leaving on your website.

5. Purple Heart Rating Plugin
This is a free plugin that is customizable and cool for all of the features that it offers for website users. The use of this plugin will make your readers to comment and rate whatever posts you make or pages you update. This plugin will also create stars on the search results whenever your site is searched that will create and help in building trust towards your readers and potential clients.

6. Revyooz
Unlike other plugins that focuses on endless votes for thumbs and 10 stars rating, this plugin focuses on letting people rate posts or pages our of 5 stars. This will not affect the functionality of the theme and will let you decide the features that should be rated within a site-wide basis.

Provided that you have all of these best free WordPress rating plugins on your list of choices, you are assured that you will not have think about how you will let your visitors provide their ratings on whatever you post on your website. Choosing a particular plugin that will give you more advantage in engaging interest and trust of readers as well as potential customers is sure to help your site build its credibility.