6 Best Free WordPress Recipe Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Recipe Plugins

Recipe Box – Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Recipe Box - Recipe Plugin for WordPress

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If your website is focused in posting certain recipes and you want your recipes to be as presentable as possible, then you should opt for adding recipe plugins for your site. As you look for the best free WordPress recipe plugins suited for your WordPress site, you are assured that you can get the best plugin that is sure to meet your expectation. This will also help in boosting the traffic you get from your website as people are enticed to check out what your site has to offer.

The Top 6 Free WordPress Recipe Plugins

The following are the best free WordPress recipe plugins that are sure to make your recipe website interesting:

1. WP Ultimate Recipe
It is known to be a user-friendly plugin that will allow you to add as much recipes as you want with any pages or posts you have. With using the shortcodes or just clicking the button for “Insert Recipe” will allow you to add several recipes to any pages or posts you have. Ingredients, type of course and cuisines and ratings can also be included to the widget of the recipe that you can make.

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2. GetMeCooking Recipe Template
This is a cool recipe plugin for those food bloggers out there who want to display one or even more recipes for every page. The plugin also allows every page to come with recipe search, print, custom layout, complete SEO and more features. You are able to add other specifications with the recipe and even customize the heading descriptions, colors and the entire layout of every recipe.

3. Easy Recipe
With the use of this plugin, you can easily enter, format, print recipes and do certain geeky stuff for the recipe view in Google automagically. It use allows anyone to start a blog for food without the need to have a degree for being a geek. All of the instant click and conversions needed when entering recipes is sure to be a breeze once this plugin is installed.

4. ReciPress
This plugin will allow you to create any recipes that you want with your posts while maintaining a clean layout and interface. It is used by many bloggers due to its ease of use and makes one’s blog very organized.

5. Auto Post Images or API
The use of this plugin will give you the opportunity to just add as much images that you want without the need for further editing. You can add images randomly with just using POST SLUG or the POST ID. The process of inserting images on your posts will not be a problem as long as you have this plugin on your website.

6. Ziplist Recipe Plugin
It is the plugin that will make all of your recipes SEO-friendly and would always appear on the search results of Google’s Recipe View. You will not have to hand-code all recipes just to achieve a sophisticated structure since the plugin will do it for you.

Having all of these best free WordPress recipe plugins in mind, you are sure to make your food blog as appetizing and enticing as how you want it to be.