6 Best WordPress Forum Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Forum Plugin

SabaiDiscuss for WordPress



1. bbPress

The bbPress plugin includes ease of integration and use to current WordPress theme while meeting web standards and speed for your site. Light and functional with great add on features to make this plugin extensive.


2. WP Symposium

Turns your WordPress site into a social network with forum, activity, member directory, private mail, notification, and chat windows. Add social widgets, activity alerts, create groups, events, and connect with one another. Members can have their privacy protected with other available optional features.

3. Forums

Easy to use plugin that is powerful and packed with features. This free forum software is multilingual, providing a functional forum and bulletin board solution for your WordPress site.

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4. Bublaa Forum and Comments

The Bublaa plugin allows integration of real time discussions to be added to your site. Combining the ability to have forums and comments that build a community within a single platform. Three tools work seamlessly together: The Bublaa forum, comments, and activity. Moderation and admin tools available with mobile support and email notifications.

5. CM Answers

CM Answers allows users to post questions and answers in a WordPress site with social media registration and authentication. Users can customize this plugin with added features for discussion forums, support, community, and customer support.

6. Threader

Creates a powerful guestbook and simple forum. Uses WordPress standard tables with all administration handled by the site owner. Operates in two languages of English and Swedish.