6 Free Animated WordPress Themes

Just a while back, it was enviable to have a website online and even better to have people visiting your site because they would talk about it. Almost overnight, businesses and individuals were creating websites, and now there are countless of them online.

Similar to how businesses have to maintain a competitive edge in the brick-and-mortar world, websites have to work even harder to get visitor traffic and keep it. One of the ways to attract and captivate your site visitors is with website design elements. Trying out an animated site theme can work exceptionally well for this purpose.

You can now bring aspects of your website to life with the selection of free animated WordPress themes.

Why Use Animated Elements On Your Website?

Your website can end up being a little dull and too serious if the only elements on them are texts and images. One of the best and effective ways to “bring your website to life” is to incorporate animation elements.

For maximum effectiveness, it is important to structure how you use animated features on your site so that they can serve specific functions.

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Animated content tends to load faster compared to videos or flash, which makes them handy for keeping visitors entertained as your other pages load up. Therefore, include them when a page is getting loaded to help grab as well as keep a visitor’s attention.

You could also use animation features to draw the visitor’s attention to some particular information or lead them to different pages of your site. For instance, if you have sales, discounts, or other promotions. You could also use animations to highlight product features or draw attention to CTA (Call To Attention) buttons.

Animated features can also work for countdown or count up trackers on your site to showcase accomplishments.

Adding animation elements to a site with a scrolling model also helps to add a dynamic aspect to the view.

The Best WordPress Animated Themes

Worth noting is that the listed WordPress themes make use of CSS animations to animate the content on websites.

CSS animations can get incorporated into WordPress themes manually or with the help of a Child Theme sheet. You will have to read up about setting CSS Animate Plugins on WordPress to use these features on with your chosen template.

If you are looking for animation-optimized WordPress themes then try out the following website templates:

1. AltoFocus

The AltoFocus theme is an ideal website template for creatives to show off their talents. The WordPress theme features a grid model that automatically reforms and shifts when new posts get created. The result is an ever-changing display of your creativity in collage form.

The prominently featured single post images of the Autofocus theme add a visually appealing dimension to your website. The WordPress template also supports galleries, custom menus, social links, widget areas, featured content, RTL language support, threaded comments, full-width template option, and a branded site logo.

2. Dyad2

For that perfect website template that balances the display of text and images look no further than the Dyad2 theme. The homepage carries a large striking feature image and featured content slider.

Dyad2 also features post formats, custom menus, custom colors, custom header, RTL language support, social menu, sticky post, threaded comments, classic menu, and widget areas. Button styles come with the WordPress template as an extra feature.

3. Dara

If you are looking for a simple yet bright and cheerful website template, then Dara is the WordPress theme to choose.

Dara comes with a featured content slider, featured pages option, full-width and grid page template options, custom menus, social links menu, widget areas, testimonials, custom background, and site logo support.

4. Ixion

Ixion is a professional theme that works well for organizations, schools, and non-profits. The Ixion template features an optional header image with a CTA button.

The WordPress theme also comes with featured content, header menus, custom background, classic menu, custom menus, RTL language support, featured images, site logo, flexible header, featured content pages, threaded comments, testimonials, full-width template option, and author bio.

5. Apostrophe 2

Apostrophe 2 is a simple, straightforward, and clean WordPress theme with bold and bright color displays. The magazine theme is fully responsive with single-column and multiple sidebar support.

Some of the features that come with this WordPress template include custom background, social menu, custom colors, classic menu, custom header, author bio, custom menus, threaded comments, RTL language support, featured images, and sticky posts.

6. Goran

Goran is a multi-purpose and functional WordPress theme that works perfectly for business websites. The responsive website template retains design integrity as well as usability across different device screens.

Goran also features custom page templates, full-width page template option, an alternate sidebar page, custom menus, a primary menu, social icons, site logo, featured images, and widget areas. Two CSS styles buttons come with the WordPress template as extras.

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