6 Free Coolest WordPress Themes

As the most popular CMS platform on the internet, there are a wide array of different WordPress themes that you might be interested in. All of the templates in this list are specifically designed to work with WordPress exclusively. The reason as to why it’s so popular is because of its customizable features and the ability to easily integrate any themes that you might be interested in. Finding high quality free WordPress themes can be difficult, but the ones in this list are definitely at the top of the download charts.

1. Sparkling


Sparkling is easily one of the free coolest WordPress themes available on the web. It is a flat and modern design that includes bootstrap technology. Since it has such as fluid layout and an incredibly sharp design, it’s easy to navigate through on mobile devices and computes alike. There are also an array of amazing features that you would normally find in premium themes, though they are for free. With the full-screen slider you can choose photographs that you would like to have an emphasis on. You can also focus on displaying your creative content instead of using only text. There is also the opportunity to use various plugins including SEO by Yoast, Gravity Forms, and more. It is incredibly efficient and quite beautiful.

2. Dazzling


Based on Bootstrap 3, dazzling is a convenient layout that boasts simplicity and the utmost amount of responsiveness. It is simple to use on both computers and mobile devices so you won’t have to worry about making them more compatible on your own. There is also a full-screen slider where you can feature any images or text that you really want your readers to pay attention to. It’s a simple and flat design with mint green as the accent color. Also, if you don’t have a lot of experience with search engine optimization it’s not a concern as it has it added to the template already.

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3. Travelify


If you’re looking for a creative theme, Travelify is easily one of the free coolest WordPress themes that you’ll find. It’s trendy and quite responsive with a sleek appearance as it only integrates two main colors. In fact, many users find that it can be ranked among some of the most expensive premium WordPress themes, even though it’s free. There are hundreds of options that you can use to completely customize the layout and really make it your own. It was originally designed for travel websites, though it can be used for online magazines, blogs, and more.

4. Enigma


The designer of the Enigma template surely had every type of user in mind as it’s perfect for both pictures and informative text. You can easily tell that a lot of work went into the design of the template as it is fluid, easy to use, and has a striking appearance. In fact, users have rated it as one of the most flawless free cool WordPress themes that they have seen. The Bootstrap CSS framework con tributes to the responsiveness of the template and it can easily be used on any platform. There are 5 widgets available including 4 footers and 1 sidebar. There are also 2 and 4 page layouts that were incorporated into the design.

5. Unite


There are a few things that you will be able to customize with the Unite theme such as the navigation menu, fonts, and footer. You may also be able to delve into the code to customize other aspects of the website but you will need to have experience with HTML or CSS. Much like the other templates in this list, it was created using the latest version of Bootstrap 3 and it is specifically designed to provide a user friendly interface. It’s an elegant way to display your products and services or it can even be used as a template for a wedding blog. Essentially, if you have a lot of pictures that you want to display, this is the theme for you.

6. Ascent


Rated 5 out of 5, Ascent is one of the templates that you should definitely test. It was created using HTML5 and CSS3, making it one of the most innovative free templates that you’ll find. You will be able to customize everything in the website from the background to the menus. Featuring images is also simple as it offers the perfect placement for important photos that you want your readers to notice. For further customization options, you can see the different variations of post layouts. The entire basis for the Ascent design was to appeal to a larger audience than other designs that are specified for creative or business purposes. There are over 30,000 downloads of this theme and it is completely ready for translation which is perfect for overseas customers.

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