6 Free Horizontal Wordpress Themes

6 Free Horizontal WordPress Themes

Truth be told, not everyone likes websites with horizontal scrolling. But that is the traditional perspective. If one has to stick with conventional approaches, then one cannot really outdo others and the whole realm of design will be one archaic existence. The very essence of why design is so thrilling and we love the evolving visuals that modern websites offer is because of the experimentation.

Horizontal scrolling is not the most adventurous experimentation in the history of website design. It has been around for a long time, much before WordPress became the world’s default website builder. But the kind of horizontal scrolling and browsing that we can create now, as easily as with the free horizontal WordPress themes, is commendable. Here are some of the finest free horizontal WordPress themes that you may want to work on.

1. BizzBee


BizzBee is neat. Nothing in its design or layout is out of place. Even if you were to customize the theme completely, you wouldn’t set a foot wrong. The theme itself is very flexible, it is light and the clean design certainly champions the minimalist movement. Powered by Bootstrap, the theme is responsive and it is just as useful for personal websites as it is for businesses or corporate websites. Having a full screen display with a convenient horizontal browsing and scrolling experience is never really a challenge with this site. What does remain a challenge is how effectively one would use the theme. There are custom widgets, various theme options and a developer would have a field day with the customizable features. It will eventually boil down to the elements being added, removed or tweaked. It must be borne in mind that the horizontal scrolling feature will not be available on all websites. The standard version of the website alone will have the horizontal scrolling feature.

2. Relic


Relic is an immersive theme. It has horizontal scrolling but not once would you have the primary landing page or what is visible on the webpage you hit to have any partial display or concealed info. The social media icons on top, the niftily placed menu options highlighted quite elegantly, the featured image, the sectional listings and the smooth browse right and left make this responsive theme one of the best free horizontal WordPress themes right now. Like BizzBee, there are theme options, custom widgets and several other customizable features. It must be borne in mind that the horizontal scrolling feature will not be available on all websites. The standard version of the website alone will have the horizontal scrolling feature.

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3. Avocation


Many will find Avocation a slight variant of Relic with a few elements of BizzBee. The social icons are just placed next to the menu instead of above, like in the Relic theme. There are more sections below the featured or background image. The theme is again powered by Bootstrap and it enjoys seamless display on all browsers and browsing devices. It must be borne in mind that the horizontal scrolling feature will not be available on all websites. The standard version of the website alone will have the horizontal scrolling feature.

4. Multishop


When it comes to free horizontal WordPress themes, there aren’t many that cater exclusively to ecommerce. Sure, there are many sites that will have a few plug-ins compatible that can be geared towards ecommerce or will facilitate some features of an online store but an all out ecommerce store with horizontal scrolling is quite a task with WordPress themes, just as they are. Multishop fills in that requisite. The Twitter Bootstrap powered theme is primarily meant for WooCommerce based e-commerce websites. However, one can always use the theme for standard business websites. The Multishop theme is responsive but not with horizontal scrolling on all devices. You can tweak the widgets, fonts, colors and you can use the inbuilt code panel of Google Analytics.

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5. Generator


Generator is a simple website but very elegant. It is extremely flexible and it can load faster than most of our free horizontal WordPress themes listed here. It is a responsive theme, obviously with the limitation of the horizontal scrolling on certain devices. Like the other themes, you can work on the custom widgets, the sliders, posts and you can also tweak the layouts depending on your requisites. You can always play around with the placement of social media icons, the menu, headers and footers and you can also use the sectional widgets in any way you want. The clever sizing and typography used in the theme by default are quite impressive. Many may not want to tweak that anyway. A theme is supposed to impress one just the way it is and then the luxury of tweaking everything is an add-on.

6. Boardwalk


Boardwalk is easily the most minimalist of all free horizontal WordPress themes but it is also one of the most impressive. The sheer omnipresence of the site will entice anyone.

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