6 Free Splash Page WordPress Themes

The internet has a flurry of websites, and it takes pushing your site to the next level to attract visitor traffic. For businesses, you will want to attract visitors to your site and retain them with a “wow’ factor that makes you stand out from the rest.

Splash pages offer a solution in attracting and keeping visitors on your website. When used appropriately, splash pages can function as calling cards and even help to strike up conversations with your site visitors.

What Does It Mean To Have A Website Splash Page?

When you get online and access a website, the first page you see before going to the main site is the splash page. These static pages feature heavy visuals and may also run CTA (Call To Action) messages driving visitors to other sections of the website.

Why Should You Use A Splash Page On Your Website?

When used on websites, splash pages offer the following benefits:

Grabbing the attention of a site visitor and compelling them to access specific pages of your site.

As a CTA tool, a splash page can communicate a particular and important message about sales, discounts, and other special offers that you are running.

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Opening communication channels with your site visitors by prompting them to subscribe to mailing lists or give feedback about your services/products.

Relaying legal disclaimers, for instance, age restrictions, for websites that require them. Giving a visitor the ability to choose their preferred language.

1. Harmonic


If you are looking for a WordPress theme that will let your content shine, then Harmonic is the website template you need. Harmonic comes in a flexible layout, and you can set it at one or two columns as desired.

The front splash page features a scrolling feature allowing you to virtually showcase diverse aspects of your work, and grab the visitor’s attention in different ways.

Use the portfolios feature to showcase your images on the homepage with the scrolling front-page or choose the single view to have your images stand out. The splash theme also features social icons and site logo branding.

2. Lodestar


The Lodestar theme favors small businesses, and it comes in a one-page model. The Lodestar template supports the activation of a static front page which can function as your splash page.

The helpful features of these WordPress theme include the ability to add panels to the front page, the inclusion of a contact & location panel, footer image, portfolio, custom menus, testimonials, and widgets support.

The theme also supports site logo branding, and custom backgrounds, colors, fonts and headers.

3. Twenty Seventeen

Twenty Seventeen

The business-oriented Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme features a full front-page layout with a video header option. The template is further customizable with a branding logo, widgets, color palettes, and a social menu.

Twenty Seventeen supports a paneled front page option made up of content from the different pages of your website. The featured images on each page get highlighted with full-screen, fixed displays on the paneled front page.

Twenty Seventeen also comes with language support, one and two-column layout option, pull quotes, post formats, content options, a custom menu, and a social link menu.

4. Pique


The Pique WordPress theme takes on a one-page website with a scrolling feature. It works as an excellent option for small businesses. The template supports panels, page templates with a full-width option, testimonials template, and special formatting.

The Pique template also features call-to-action buttons, paneled text with background support, site logo branding, custom menus, and social media links.

5. Affinity


The Affinity WordPress template gives prominence to special announcements, such as weddings, in mind. The one-page theme features customizable options to cater to the website’s primary function.

The WordPress template supports panels, featured images, site tagline, scrolling featured images option, widgets, one and two-column options, full-width template, and guestbook template.

As a wedding site, the Affinity theme also offers an R.S.V.P form option and the ability to link the site to registries.

6. Sequential


For the business that is focusing on creating a strong online presence, the Sequential WordPress theme is the ideal splash page template to choose.

The Sequential theme features a responsive design across devices without design integrity and usability sacrifice. Sequential also includes custom page templates with a full-width page option, custom menus, social icons, custom colors, testimonials, and site logo branding.

The theme offers extra features including custom buttons and columns.


The use of splash page website themes for your site can help with marketing efforts and open up communication channels with your site visitors. Before going for a splash page website template, consider the reason why you need it and structure it appropriately to work for your needs.

If anything, you can freely use the recommended free splash page WordPress themes listed above to find one that works best for your needs.

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