6 Free WordPress Knowledge Base Themes

Knowledge base software can be considerably economic as it can reduce the cost of support services. Organizing, sorting and management of data become easier. Knowledge base software can be scaled up or down depending on the needs or demands of a circumstance. With open source knowledge base software, new technologies and upgrades become almost instantaneous and any bugs or loopholes are readily plugged.

A company or a developer would get much more diverse features with a knowledge base theme than a normal theme. If you want an amazing website that can improve customer satisfaction and would be more robust or sturdier than others, then you must check out some of the free WordPress knowledge base themes. While WordPress has thousands of themes and many would be just as easy to use, there aren’t many that can be categorized as knowledge base themes, especially when you need a free theme.

1. WP Knowledge Base

WP Knowledge Base

This is one of the simplest of all free WordPress knowledge base themes. It is a responsive bootstrap based theme that can maintain multiple product lists and knowledge bases. You can come up with specific knowledge bases with simple posts and have them niftily categorized. There are support forums, the theme comes with a comprehensive documentation and it is compatible with the latest WordPress version. The theme is backward compatible as well, up to WordPress 3.5.

2. My Knowledge Base


MyKnowledgeBase is a minimalistic theme with a very neat interface. It is a fully responsive design so you can have your website displayed on any device across all browsers without any hassles. The theme comes with customizable primary sidebar, widgets, homepage sidebar, header image, background and logo to replace full width page template as well as dropdown navigation. Everything can be customized with this theme.

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3. Aron


There is an intriguing attribute of minimalistic websites and that is the minimalist design. Aron is one such website that combines simplicity with elegance, professional designing with extensive personalization. Aron is also a very easy theme to use. You don’t need any elaborate setups or procedures to get started. All you need to do is use the Activate button and your website will be up and running. Of course, you do have to tweak the features you wish to customize and you need content to go onto the website. Aron is a bootstrap based fully responsive theme so you don’t have to worry about website compatibility on desktop and mobile devices. The theme is ideal for businesses offering services of any kind. The theme can also work very well for magazines, travel websites, news portals and portfolios.

4. My Wiki


MyWiki is exactly what its namesake meaning is. You can get a website that is as simple but helpful, as lightweight and yet professional, as minimalist and yet interesting as Wikipedia. The theme works very well for blogs or any kind of website that is slightly or entirely encyclopedic. You could come up with white papers or blogs, FAQs or knowledge bases using this theme. The theme is responsive and is presently available in Spanish, other than English. The simple but smart categories, wise placement of various key features along with enough menu options make MyWiki one of the most useful free WordPress knowledge base themes.

5. FAQ


As the name suggests, it is a great theme for FAQ, forums or for knowledge bases. Any company that needs to educate the audience or the customers and requires a platform where open ended conversations happen unhindered will benefit with this theme. FAQ is a lightweight website that is responsive and is optimized for PageSpeed. You can customize the background, the patterns, header images and logos among others.

6. Alum


Alum is a responsive, elegant and multipurpose theme with fascinating customizability. The theme comes with a one click installation facility. It is a responsive theme. Alum is presently used for news sites, magazines, portfolio websites, blogs, various kinds of agencies or small firms and fitness centers among others. Alum would also be great for freelancers or artists and any professional who wishes to have an exclusive online presence.

All these themes are extremely easy to use. You don’t need any extensive knowledge or even the primitive knowledge about coding. You don’t have to deal with complicated processes of developing a website from scratch. Most control panels come with drag and drop features. The one click activations and uploads make these free WordPress knowledge base themes very easy to use in the long run. You don’t have to spend hours to make changes to the theme, settings, features or any design elements. Since the focus is on contents and real time correspondence right now, using these free WordPress knowledge base themes will be the least bothersome exercises for businesses or individuals.

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