6 Key Hubs of Content Marketing

Strategies for Content Marketing

The Right Foundations for Content Marketing

Content marketing can generate up to 67% more leads because web users surf the Internet on content-led sites. As with traditional business marketing, content is important, “Content is King”, says the old adage. In this era of digital and online marketing, users such as social networks, websites and blogs, video platforms, and search engines are demanding it. Content that engages people and conveys the values of your brand and company. It’s all about communication; communication of your brand, your expertise, and benefits of buying from your company.

As important as content marketing is, a remarkable only 18% of marketers focus on producing high quality content online and of these marketers, just over 25% of their budget is spend on content marketing. That is why your focus should be on producing not just mediocre content, but high quality content to benefit your SEO activity.

What Are Content Hubs

Content hubs point to your brand and increase your online visibility thereby increasing the chance of sales. There are six key content hubs that will direct users to your brand. Social media is one of the main hubs that users go to, but other hubs can be beneficial as well. Increase your online presence by using articles, PR, videos, whitepapers, infographics, and mini sites.

The reason that quality content is so much in demand is trust. Sixty percent of consumers trust a company that has custom content. And trust equals more sales. Since customers tend to trust brands that are producing custom content for their audience, why would you want to be one of the 82% of marketers who are not focusing on producing high quality online syndicated content?

Benefits of Content

To get it right, content marketing can be time consuming and if it is not quality content, it will not get your company the right exposure and lead to less profitability. Companies are turning more and more to outsourcing content creation in order to save time and money. Content marketing and SEO agencies employ a team of researchers, graphic designers, copywriters, and SEO writers to get your content to the best possible sites for the best possible exposure.

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The power of the Internet can generate more leads, which generates sales, which generates profit. Internet users spend time searching for content-led sites. Companies that are maximizing their content hubs will reach those users. Hubs with quality copy, graphics, videos and SEO optimization will attract the social networks and search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing and increase your company’s ranking with Internet users.

Content marketing is here to stay, so why not ensure your business has the right foundations for content marketing. To save time and make sure your hubs contain quality content, consider outsourcing your web content.