7 Best Free WordPress Favicon Plugins

What makes a website enticing to target audience and even simple online visitors are the images that are directly relative to your niche or what your website really describes. If your website is run by WordPress, then you should take advantage of the best free WordPress Favicon plugins that are sure to make your website more attractive and as organized as how you want it to be. With Favicons, website owners just like you are sure to make your website as competitive as how you want it to be.

7 Best free WordPress Favicon Plugins

1. Favicon Switcher
If you want your website to have several Favicons, then this plugin is the right one for you. This plugin will enable you to have a website that is multiple Favicon based with matching URL rules. It is available in version 1.2.4 and has been updated last 2-19-2014.

2. Cbnet Favicon
Adding a Favicon of your choose will not be a problem since cbnet Favicon plugin is here. This plugin allows you to add as much Favicon as you want on your website. No whistles or bells. Just plain simple upload of any image file from GIF, PNG to ICO, this is what this plugin allows you to do.

3. Favicon Notifications
Available in the version 0.3 and has been recently updated last 1-18-2014, this plugin is allowing you in animating any Favicon that you like and comes with notification badge that is animated, as well. It also shows the total number of any unread posts you had since the last visit you made on the Favicon of your site.

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4. Heroic Favicon Generator
If you are looking for an easy to use Favicon generator for your WordPress website, then it is best that you get this plugin for your website. This will allow you to make use of a Favicon generator with just one click. Recently updated last 2-5-2014 and currently in version 1.4, you are sure to get a plugin that is suited for your current WordPress hosted website.

5. Woocomerce Favicon Cart Badge
If your website is focused on selling products, then this Favicon plugin is the one suited for you. With this plugin, you are able to add a customized Favicon badge that would show the total number of chosen products in the shopping cart. This is sure to help your visitors know how many products they already got as they shop online.

6. Favicon Rotator
This plugin makes the process of customizing your Favicon easily to match your site. You just have to add the Favicon through the administration page and the Favicon will then be displayed on your site whenever people visit your site.

7. EZ Favicon
It is described as a Favicon plugin that is very simple to use. This allows you to upload just about any image in different sizes. The plugin will be the one resizing it, converting it to .ico file and have necessary html codes added to its header.

Provided that you have these best free WordPress Favicon plugins, you are sure to get choices suited for your website.