7 Best Free WordPress PHP Plugins

Today, PHP is among the most preferred and widely used server side open source script languages. Most of the index domains all over the world are using PHP which most of them are major websites such as WordPress, Facebook, Digg and many more. There are so many beneficial capabilities that the PHP can help people in creating their ideal web content.

1. Webgrid

Webgrid is a debugging tool based on the Xdebug popular profiling web front end in version PHP 5. It is easy to use and navigate debugging plugin that works well on any platform. It provides user tons of important and useful data which has the capability to quickly determine and locate bugs in your web source code. This will help your web to function well and maintains bugs at bay.

2. PHP Debug

PHP_Debug is one of the popular and most preferred open source projects that provide users useful information on PHP code for debugging. It is well capable of checking the performance of specific code blocks and change variable dumps into graphical form. It can also output processing times of both SQL and PHP.

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3. PHPUnit

PHPUnit is one of the testing and Optimization plugin tool for PHP. It has a complete port of excellent JUnit Version testing suite for PHP 5. It is a tool well capable of testing your web applications overall scalability and stability. It is well capable of testing you PHP web code and optimizes it to increase functionality and performance.

4. PHP Profile Class

The PHP Profile Class is one of the useful testing and Optimization plugin for PHP. It is considered by many worldwide to be an excellent PHP profiling plugin tool for web applications. Using this amazing PHP test and optimization tool will help you easily and quickly gain insight on specific parts of your web application that requires refactoring and optimization.

5. PHPDocumentor

The phpDocumentor is a documentation tool for PHP source code which is also known by many as phpdocu and phpdoc. This excellent documentation tool for PHP is well capable of innumerable features such as ability to output PDF, XML DocBook Formats and HTML. It is also capable of both command line based interface, web based and source code highlighting.


Pixy is a PHP security scanner that is based on JAVA program. This amazing PHP security scanner performs automatic and reliable scans of PHP 4 source code. The purpose of Pixy is to detect SQL and XSS all injection vulnerabilities in PHP 4. This plug in tool provides user the report of actual possible vulnerable parts in your program which gives additional information to users about the information of vulnerability.

7. PHPCodeBeautifier

The PHPCodeBeautifier is generally a tool for PHP that helps users to save hours of reformatting PHP code. It has a GUI version that allows users to process files visually which has an integrated tool known as PHPEdit.

When it comes to web developing it is ideal to find and use the appropriate plugins to help you in making your ideal web. Using the best free WordPress php plugins will help you achieve your goal the easiest and most beneficial among others.