7 Best Free WordPress Sitemap Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Sitemap Plugins

1.Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

Premium SEO Pack – WordPress Plugin

2.Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin
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A Sitemap WordPress Plugin is another way of helping your site get known among other WP sites. If you want to learn more about it, continue reading and choose from any of these free WP sitemap plugins.

1. Simple Sitemap

Simple Sitemap is a HTML sitemap used in displaying contents as the single-linked pages and posts list, or even as groups that are sorted according to taxonomy (through drop-down box). It is considered as the easiest and fastest way of adding a powerful sitemap HTML to your own website. The style and order which the pages and blog posts will be displayed on your screen rely on your chosen drop-down box option.

2. WP Sitemap Page

WP Sitemap Page has been an easy way of adding a sitemap in any of the pages. By using its code, you can automatically generate the sitemap of your posts and pages. Many users love this WP plugin because it can enhance their site’s SEO and it provides an easy navigation. Some of its current features include Multilanguage, categories and posts displayed hierarchically, can exclude some CPT (custom post type) or pages, CSS class, and display CPT.

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3. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML is generating the sitemap that allows not just Google but even other big search engines for indexing the content easily. It supports all types of pages that you are generating with WP. It also notifies such search engines in every new post you create. It works in any URL structure used.

4. WordPress SEO

WordPress SEO is the plugin that comes with various features which can help you accomplish your SEO tasks including the sitemap. This is an all-in-one SEO tool type and once you installed it, there will be an option of checking the box for XML Sitemaps. It activates the sitemap to notify the search engines regarding your pages and posts.

5. PS Auto Sitemap

PS Auto Sitemap can be easily customized and installed. It has several functions which help the users do different tasks. It allows you divide or combine posts and categories or choose a style of sitemap display. You can also hide or display chosen posts, pages, or categories and set display post list and page list display orders.

6. WP Realtime Sitemap Plugin

WP Realtime Sitemap Plugin makes your site display all posts, categories, tags, archieves, and pages easily. It works best for WPMU (WordPress Multisite) and has an uninstaller. In this WP plugin, you can exclude, hide, or show WP archives, tags IDs, categories, posts, and navigation menu. It also creates a hierarchical categories and pages list. Lastly, orders an output in any way you wish in the page of plugin settings.

7. RPS Sitemap Generator

RPS Sitemap Generator has been a simple, lightweight and clean generator of XML sitemap. This WP plugin seamlessly integrates with Multisite. It is considered as one of the most awesome plugins for WordPress.

With these best free WordPress sitemap plugins, you can effortlessly product XML sitemaps and submit them into any webmasters tool of different web crawlers such as Bing and Google.