7 Best Free WordPress Weather Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Weather Plugins

1. Better Weather – WordPress version

Better Weather - WordPress version

2.Simple Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget

Simple Weather WordPress Shortcode & Widget

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There are many people who are concerned about the weather everyday to make sure that there are no appointments that should be cancelled because of unsuitable weather. If you want your website to provide such information daily, then it is best that you have some of best free WordPress weather plugins added on your website. This will make your website as helpful as how you want it to be not only for you but also for all visitors of your site.

7 Best Free WordPress Weather Plugins

To choose to the best plugin for your website, checkout the following best free WordPress weather plugins you can choose from:

1. Weather Widget-Esotanc Weather
Considered as the most beautiful widget for weather, this plugin gives a complete weather forecast within a span of 5 days. It is multilingual and is able to show the weather forecasts within 5 days in any location. The plugin also comes with 3 built-in designs, comes in custom styles and is available in any sizes.

2. WP World Weather Online
This is a widget that displays weather forecasts on your sidebar or on single posts or pages. It can show forecasts for the best 3 days through the widget or the shortcode provided by the API from World Weather Online service.

3. Weather Forecast-WP Wunderground
Beautiful and accurate weather forecasts, this is what this plugin is able to provide on your sidebar or on your content. It is acclaimed to provide weather forecasts in beautiful templates with the default theme of WP. This is best to be used for those websites owners who want to share the weather wherever they are and is equipped with other services, as well.

4. WP SimpleWeather
This plugin allows you and other website owners to display current weather on your site easily and quickly in any location with just using Yahoo!’s Weather API. The name of the plugin speaks for itself. It is sure to display the weather forecasts simply and comes with a settings page that is easy to use yet is expansive.

5. Awesome Weather
This plugin will be allowing you to display the weather forecasts through a super clean widget. You can use the widget as a built-in plugin in your website or just add it on the theme of your website through provided specific shortcodes.

6. WP-Forecast
It a plugin displaying weather data derived from WeatherBug.com or AccuWeather.com through your WordPress sidebar, posts and pages. You will be the one choosing the location, time whenever the data for the weather is refreshed, language, measurement and more. The plugin will also allow you to get nighttime forecasts within 9 nights.

7. Easy Weather Widget
With this plugin, you will be provided with the weather information through widgets. The plugin is very easy to use since you just have to enter your zip code and have it saved. This will then display the accurate weather forecast and display it on your website.

Provided that you have all of these best free WordPress weather plugins in mind, you are assured that you can get the weather plugin suited for your needs and those of your visitors.