7 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins


1. TubePress

The TubePress plugin allows you to display YouTube videos and galleries on your WordPress site. Features include a feature showcase and simple gallery format that functions on standalone PHP.

2. YouTube Embed Plugin

This plugin includes a built in video search, viewing, and insertion of YouTube videos. Features include automatic centering of all videos and auto playing on your site.

3. Advanced YouTube Embed

The Advanced YouTube Embed plugin takes embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress site to the next level. With feature rich and upgrades from the standard YouTube embed, additional options for playback and analytics are included. Set auto replay and looping features with timed annotation and video reactions added right on your blog.

4. YouTube Simple Gallery

This simple plugin is great for generating thumbnail video galleries. Combine videos from Vimeo and YouTube with added features for user defined attributes that override default settings through simple shortcode insertions.

5. WordPress Video Gallery

A versatile plugin with features and options ranging from recent videos, popular videos, and featured videos. Has the added ability to control the number and order of these videos from the back end.

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6. Huzzaz Video Gallery

Huzzaz allows you to convert your WordPress site into a beautiful video gallery with an easy organized pinterest style appeal. Responsive with automatic pagination for your gallery.

7. Video Analytics

Live tracking with data insights and analytics for your blog. Track embedded videos on all your site pages without make any changes to theme or shortcode. Easy admin dashboard displays video statistics and automatic tracking for a single domain or multiple top level domains. See trends, playstarts, minutes of engagement, and more!