7 Free Adsense WordPress Themes

A website can no longer remain confined to webpage contents and calls to action. From social media integration to being compatible with AdSense, a website needs to be dynamic and ever ready to adapt to new features. Ecommerce sites, marketing websites or directories, affiliate websites and even the official websites of an organization need to have a template or theme that is AdSense ready. Else, you would have to get down to the coding or the basics of web designing and inculcate the features to make the website compatible with AdSense.

Fortunately, there are several free AdSense WordPress themes that you can choose from and be ready to go live with your ads and your website at the same time. You don’t need to pay for any premium plug-ins or tools, you don’t need to write a single word of code and you certainly don’t have to compromise on the quality or design of your website. Given the fact there are dozens of free AdSense WordPress themes, we are only picking a few that are aesthetically and technically better.

1. HeatMap AdSense Theme

HeatMap AdSense Theme

HeatMap is a template or theme that has been developed solely bearing in mind the importance and consequence of AdSense. The layout of the template, the widgets, the list of extensive options, the specific ad widgets and the liberty to tweak the numbers and placements of the widgets allow enough room for any website designer or company owner to have a site that is fully loaded with perks of AdSense. You can also use other networks of online advertisements with this theme.

2. Centilium


Centilium is clearly less busy than HeatMap, at least from the perspective of design and the gamut of information or ads that is presented outright. Centilium is classier and it is completely customizable. It is a responsive theme so you don’t have to worry about the devices which will find the design of the website to be compatible given the browser and the display size of the screen. From custom colors to a blog, bootstrap CSS framework to AdSense optimization, Centilium ticks all the checkboxes.

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3. RedWaves Lite

RedWaves Lite

RedWaves is a one of the simplest free AdSense WordPress themes. It has a minimalist design. It is optimized for AdSense. It is responsive and customizable. The social media integration is effortless and one has to appreciate the kind of space being allotted for all the social media plug-ins. The widgets are very niftily placed. The theme is translation ready and it works with earlier and the latest versions of WordPress.

4. CWP YouIT


This theme doesn’t exactly look ideal for classifieds or any kind of directories. It is not. The theme is more appropriate for review sites or purely informational sites but that doesn’t negate or dilute the fact that it is AdSense ready and can be smartly used for subtle marketing. Not all websites need to have an on your face presentation of ads. Subtle placements of ads tend to work better for certain audiences and thus companies. Websites that look like obvious billboards in the virtual world often don’t enjoy quality traffic. From that perspective, YouIT is different and desirably so.

5. eSell Theme

eSell Theme

eSell, as the name suggests, is an ecommerce theme. Any ecommerce WordPress theme should have AdSense optimization but not all themes manage to make the most out of such features. eSell manages to offer WooCommerce integration with unparallel customizability. There are bbPress and social media plug-ins. The theme is responsive and is SEO ready. The site doesn’t look like your typical online store and that is again an advantage, especially as you combine class or elegance with ads or outright promotions.

6. ProMax


ProMax, as a theme, tends to give more importance to content. The entire layout and the presentation of the theme are focused on providing more information to the audience than trying to push through some pesky ads or unnecessary contents. This approach of not having prying ads works very well, not just for the audience but also for companies. The theme is SEO ready, comes with social media plug-ins and has tons of customizable features. More importantly, the theme is AdSense ready.

7. Wrock Metro

Wrock Metro

Wrock Metro is a professional theme with very lucid layouts. This theme doesn’t look like one of the typical free AdSense WordPress themes. It looks like one that would have been uniquely developed for a particular company or publication. While the theme does emulate features of a classic magazine theme, the AdSense compatibility with complete customizability makes this an unavoidable mention on our list. Wrock Metro prioritizes content just as much as ads and ecommerce features. From WooCommerce to integrated plug-ins for Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus among others, you get everything that you need.

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