7 Free Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes

Affiliate marketing can be an impressive way to generate passive income from your Internet presence. Your site must stand out from all of the others that attempt to create the same results, which means you must have a theme that allows for customization, a professional look straight from the download, and enough uniqueness that a program will not reject your website because it registers as duplicate content.

These are the best free affiliate marketing WordPress themes which check all of those boxes for you today.

1. Viper


This theme provides an excellent landing page for visitors to see when they hit your site for the first time. It features a jQuery image slider that allows you to promote your high-value items while still offering a complete list of what you feel will be the best sellers for your program. You have access to a custom menu and taxonomy, a homepage template under your control, and an option panel to use. You may experience a cost if you plan to use this theme for commercial purposes.

2. Metro


This unique affiliate marketing them presents information in the form of an online magazine for your program. It is one of the most customizable options that is available to download right now, giving you a look that is attractive and clean without being overly complicated to manage. You can even work in advertisement placement using this option if you wish. Use the menu bar to create specific featured categories with content to match. All of your social media and email links appear at the top of the screen as well.

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3. Ready Review

Ready Review

This free affiliate marketing WordPress theme is exceptionally popular because of how it structures information for your visitors. You can promote specific products in a clean way thanks to the formatting that places product reviews at the front and center of your design. You can incorporate star ratings for your products as well, include a blog, and quickly insert your affiliate links. If you are part of the Amazon affiliates program, then you will want to give this option a closer look.

4. Reviewgine Affiliate

Reviewgine Affiliate

Although this theme has not received an update in over two years, it is a free option that still offers an exceptional search engine optimization experience. The design incorporates modern elements and integrated widgets that can have you uploading your content in no time at all. There is also an advanced review system that is available for use that can help you to present data to visitors in a way that feels conventional without getting into trouble with the terms and conditions your program asks you to follow.

5. Trident Lite


This affiliate marketing theme for WordPress comes with a free or pro option, providing a look that is responsive and clean while promote specific content items. It offers the feel of an online magazine, yet gives you a chance to put your reviews, product descriptions, or other sales items at the front-and-center of your landing page. It integrates nicely with Facebook, offers space for a banner advertisement at the top, and eliminates the headache of trying to look legitimate because your data is quickly organized into a logical series of placements.

6. Chosen


This free theme is a bold choice for an affiliate marketer since it offers such a minimalist experience. It was last updated in February 2019 (at the time of writing), allowing you to present your best content in an uncluttered way on today’s mobile devices. You can start any type of site with this option because of the flexibility of the layout. If you want to start your own storefront, this theme even allows WooCommerce compatibility. The new Gutenberg post editor works with it as well.

7. Rethink


This theme is another solid option to consider if your affiliate marketing plans include reviews. It will highlight your most recent posts along the right-hand sidebar, which is a classic design for this field. You can also feature new comments if you wish. Promote specific products with the featured content on the landing pages, and then create deeper connections with the plethora of custom fields that are available. You can even insert a custom logo in the header to differentiate your brand message.

These free affiliate marketing WordPress themes will help you to take your passive income opportunities to the next level. Make sure that you are following the other best practices to ensure excellent results, such as registering a clean domain and eliminating duplicate content whenever possible, to maximize the impact that these options can provide today.