7 Free Dental WordPress Themes

Being a dentist is challenging enough. Having your website work against you makes it more difficult to secure appointments or provide patients with needed information. To make sure your relationship with a potential new patient gets started on the right foot, these free dental WordPress themes will make sure your business and brand look great without a large investment.

Here are the best WordPress themes for dentists and dental offices to consider.

1. WP Dentist

WP Dentist

This theme is perfect for the small business or individual dentist who is providing community services. You’re given a custom home page design which breaks up your information into key sections for visitors to review. It is a fully responsive theme as well, which allows it to present your information in an optimized way across most browsers and devices. There is a prominent area for your contact information that funnels visitors towards an appointment too.

2. Medicare


You’ll find that this dental WordPress theme is clean, responsive, and resourceful. It comes with an intuitive toolkit that will help you build your new website quickly. There are cost calculators built into this theme, plus it allows for custom forms to be creates to create automatic quotes for potential patients. You can also create sections, modules, or new elements without any coding experience. It is also compatible with WooCommerce, checkout services, and payment gateways. The demo is free to give it a spin, while the standard license is $59.

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3. Dentaris


Packed full of special features, you’ll find that this free WordPress theme has options that aren’t always available on premium themes. You have space for listing your services, taking appointments, and letting your staff provide a brief bio for potential patients. Your critical contact information is above the fold, just under the menu, for easy reference. That includes your business hours and a link to have people book an appointment if they wish. The theme is fully responsible, works with most plugins, and performs well under most resolutions.

4. MedZone


The Lite version of this theme is still heavy on the features you’ll receive. It offers a one-page scrolling design, similar to most themes, which gives it a responsiveness and speed that your visitors will appreciate. There is plenty of room to showcase your dental services, along with dedicated sections and custom icons to make your message hit home. You can schedule online appointments and create custom contact pages to make it easier to contact your office when necessary.

5. SKT Toothy

SKT Toothy

This simple dental WordPress theme will help you provide information about your business in a free, intuitive way. It is translation-ready and compatible with qTranslate X. With a three-part slider above the fold, clear menu options, and links to your business hours or the timetable of your dentists, you’ll be able to discuss your services and show off your staff without any coding knowledge. Your visitors can even request an appointment with a direct link in the upper right-hand side of the theme for convenience.

6. Medical Hospital Lab

Medical Hospital Lab

For dentists, it can be difficult to find a good free theme because many medical themes are designed for hospitals or physicians’ offices. Although this theme is intended to be generic for all medical practices, the multipage design allows you to customize its look to make it feel personal and professional. It is fully accessible without the need for coding skills, yet still offers opportunities for customization for the advanced developer. Custom widgets and options work with the items built into the theme to ensure that your website offers items of specific value that encourage an appointment.

7. Dentists


This theme is clear, simple, and straightforward with its design. It features a multipurpose HTML5 structure which allows you to put critical information right on your home page. Menu options happen above the fold, while a sidebar gives you clear navigational choices for visitors to follow. Although the feel is more like an editorial site than a traditional dentist website, several customization options give you the ability to turn this theme into a real winner. WooCommerce support is provided within the free theme, as are footer widgets, and you have social media integration available to you too.

These free dentist WordPress themes will help you secure new patients, offer information about your practice, and establish your branding within your community. Choose the theme which makes sense for your needs, then download it today to get started on your website.

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