7 Free Flat WordPress Themes

Free flat WordPress themes stand out without relying on numerous features or additions that can bog down the performance of your site. They lack gradients, bevels, embossing, and other visuals to create faster loading speeds with a minimalist design that encourages a positive user experience. It has been an option ever since the capability of rendering 3-D style objects on a page became possible.

These are the themes you will want to consider today if you feel that the flat design is what will serve your needs the best.

1. Simple Business

Simple Business
This free flat WordPress theme is a lite version that offers a clean interface that is simple and straightforward to use. There is a certain elegance that comes with this option, providing numerous page layout choices that will allow you to offer some variation to your visitors. Basic icons come with the download, including your social media links that can direct consumers to the other content your brand produces. HTML elements are usable with this theme as well.

2. WP Simple

WP Simple

This free flat WordPress theme offers responsiveness that makes it look exceptionally great on mobile devices. The build is based on the latest version of Bootstrap 3 to provide your site with the framework it requires. You have a full-width template from which to work, custom featured posts, and a parallax scroll that keeps the background in place as visitors search through your site. It is also optimized to work with your next SEO campaign, making is a suitable choice for almost any need.

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3. Yolee Lite

Yolee Lite

This free flat WordPress theme offers several exceptional features even if it is a less sophisticated version when compared to the pro option. It uses a clean CSS3 and HTML5 code that maximizes its performance while encouraging a little customization if you wish. Boxed and full-width layouts come with the download. It is also one of the better options that works with Retina while continuing to be fully responsive, so your site is going to look fantastic no matter what device a visitor uses to access your information.

4. Porta


This free flat WordPress theme will give your site a modern look through the use of several different layout options. The responsiveness adapts well to any device no matter which option you choose. You can even place widgets on the right or left of your header if you wish. Your options panel provides several choices for website adjustment, including borders, quotes, typography, and copyright. Scripts can be added to your footer or header too, while custom CSS is also any option.



This free flat WordPress theme uses the Cherry Framework to provide you with a landing page that looks and feels like a modern site without much effort on your part. There are several different post formats and types from which to choose. You can also access more than 80 different shortcodes, allowing you to add tables, grids, or even Google Maps to your layout. You will also receive a filterable portfolio that offers three different layouts, along with three slider choices to feature your most recent content.

6. Business


This free flat WordPress theme uses design elements that are perfect for small business owners who operate in a creative field. Drag-and-drop your content to create a responsive slideshow that can increase your conversion rates with ease. You can choose to upload background images you control or choose from the multiple layouts that come with the download. It is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create portfolios, bio data for your team, and customize your overall web presence.

7. Storefront


This free flat WordPress theme is one of the best options that comes directly from WooThemes. It integrates well with your WP e-commerce needs, offering a responsive layout that looks exceptionally strong on small mobile devices. The code is clean with this theme as well, using Underscores to create a platform that feels familiar while still providing options for customization. The grid design makes it easy to have your site look elegant without creating slow loading times because of excessive graphics, plugins, or features. If you sell something, then give this theme a closer look.

These free flat WordPress theme options make it possible to maximize the impact your content creates with readers while minimizing the spatial requirements that are necessary to host it. Choose the responsive option that best suits your needs today, and then have fun creating something that your visitors are going to love every time they visit your new or updated website.

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