7 Free WordPress Multisite Themes

Being able to access multisite themes for WordPress can save you a lot of time when you’re working with your site. It was first introduced to the CMS platform in 2010 and has become one of the most popular features that WordPress has to offer. Once you have activated one feature on your website, you can then create multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. To put it simply, one group of files on WordPress can help to run several different websites. It is important to note that the plugins and themes will also be shared, but there are different directories for all of the media on each individual site. Below is a list of the best free WordPress multisite themes that you can use to your advantage.

1. Onimag


There are a variety of customizable options that may actually seem limitless to many users. You will be able to completely integrate any colors and pictures that you might be interested in having on your website. It is also ready for search engine optimization with the help of additional plugins. It is also compatible with BBPress, WooCommerce, and BuddyPress.

2. Trego


If you’re looking for a theme that emulates the appearance of a magazine, Trego is your best option. It is one of the most unique free WordPress multisite themes that you’ll be able to find. Users have fully tested its features and it is compatible with the latest installation of WordPress. The SEO Schema data included with the theme has also passed rigorous testing with Google snippet, meaning that it is immediately ready for search engine optimization.

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3. Techron


As a sleek and modern version of your typical multisite theme, Technron includes all of the characteristics of a modern masculine layout. It was originally designed to be the perfect theme for users that would be hosting their own video game blog or tech blog. To help with SEO, SEO Optimize is built into the theme so you don’t need to spend a lot of time making the necessary preparations for a successful website on your own.

4. Gilmor


If you’re working in the fashion industry or are interested in creating a blog in the fashion niche, Gilmor is the one of the best free WordPress multisite themes that you can use. It showcases all of the photos in an elegant manner where your readers will be able to see all of the most important images that you have to offer. It is incredibly responsive and includes many features that would usually be found in premium themes, though this one is free. You can completely customize the look of the layout and the colors used in the template to suit your personal needs.

5. NewsLeak


Are you interested in updating your readers with the latest information on the web? NewsLeak is the perfect news theme that you can easily download entirely for free. One of the features that truly sets this template apart from the rest is the fact that you can feature 6 different blocks of information on the front page. This means that if you have a variety of articles that are the most recent or the most popular, they can be easily displayed where your readers can access them.

6. Rollermag


With an incredibly modern design, Rollermag combines both WooCommerce and BuddyPress. All of the features that are integrated into the design are easy to customize, even without any prior experience with HTML or CSS. If you have any images or information that you want to feature on the front page of the website, it comes with a featured homepage category. There is also a featured slider where you can showcase all of your favorite images. It is also important to note the 650+ web fonts available from Google and many other premium features that you’ll get entirely for free.

7. Mixermag


For website owners that are interested in taking advantage of many color options, Mixermag is a useful template. There are unlimited colors that you can choose from to add to the appeal of your site. You can even choose the colors included in your company’s logo. With the ability to integrate links for your social media accounts, your readers will be able to share any posts that you have made. There is also a feature available for advertisements so you will be able to receive revenue from displaying ads on your website. Much like Rollermag, you also have access to Google web fonts to enhance the customizability of your site.

If you’re interested in hosting several different websites at once but only having to work with one set of WordPress data, free WordPress multisite themes are your best option. You will have an entirely cohesive set of modern, informative, and appealing websites for your professional or personal use.

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