7 Ways to Increase Social Content Sharing

Social Content Sharing

The Seven Principles Of Social Design

Have you ever wondered how to make content more viral and shareable? There are seven principles of social design that can help you in doing this with your great content. As you will see from this article, much of it is all about the word of mouth factor.

1. Value Exchange
The first principle of social design is the value exchange. This means that you need to understand exactly what it is that your target audience values instead of just assuming that they have some sort of fantastical innate fascination in your brand simply talking about itself. Basically, you should assume that no one cares unless the content somehow relates to them.

2. Creating Disruptive Ideas
The second principle of social design is to create disruptive ideas. People tend to pause and notice concepts or ideas that are challenging to our understanding of exactly how the world works. Understanding the world around us is always a fascinating topic.

3. Create An Amazing Story
The third principle of social design is the principle of an amazing story. There are tons of decisions we make every day that are based almost solely upon emotional drivers, rather than the rational benefits and features of the latest widget. Not only are good stories dramatic, but they are also emotional.

4. Freshen Interest
The fourth principle of social design is the principle of the freshest interest. People only want news that they can share around the water cooler at work or through their Twitter handle.

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5. Create Social Proof
The fifth principle of social design is to create social proof that the content is relevant. This is because as humans, generally if we see someone else doing something, we will be more likely to make that choice as well.

6. Creative Participation
The sixth principle of social design is the idea of creative participation. Let’s say you wrote a chapter in an ebook. Since you participated and was empowered to be very creative, you will be much more likely to pass along that content.

7. Simple Advocacy
The seventh and final principle of social design is the idea of simple advocacy. When people make it easy by simply asking people to share something, this obviously makes them much more likely to do just that.

These are the seven principles of social design. Value design, disruptive ideas, a great story, fresh interest, social proof, creative participation and simple advocacy are all equally as an important in the most effective social design that is possible.

There are many other aspects to social design, however these are just seven of many highly effective steps to the best social design you can create. Keep these principles in mind the next time you would like to create amazing social design content, and you can be sure everything you create will be viral and effective. Get started today on applying and utilizing these seven principles of social design.