8 Best Free WordPress Wishlist Plugins

Most Recommended WordPress Premium Wishlist Plugins

1. Woocommerce Advanced WishList

Woocommerce Advanced WishList

2. DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin

DVin WooCommerce Wishlist WP Plugin

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The WordPress Wishlist Plugins is one of the amazing new plugins in the world of WordPress. It offers all WordPress users the chance to add certain products in their wishlist page. You can explore the world of WordPress Wishlist Plugins in just a single click. Read about the variety of plugins that the WordPress Plugins is offering you and rest assured that you will find the best WordPress that deals with Wishlist Plugins.

1. Amazon Wishlist Pro

This kind of plugin is commonly displayed in Amazon Wishlist wherein you can find a variety of products that you want which are typically associated with affordable prices. With the use of this plugin, you will have the chance to provide your customers with easy access to their chosen item that is located in your WordPress Wishlist.

2. Easy Amazon Wishlist

This plugin will allow you to find your Amazon Wishlist and display it in your widget as well as to customize the wishlist that you have installed in your widget system. By using this plugin, you will provide your clients with a convenient way to find their desired item to purchase.

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3. Delicious Wishlist for WordPress

This plugin has the ability to add a Wishlist on your WordPress blog by simply downloading this kind of WordPress that is designed for Wishlist Plugin purposes. This plugin plays a vital role in the world of WordPress since every WordPress user who uses this plugin recommend the excellent service of this kind of Wishlist plugin.

4. Wish Pics Plugin

This kind of plugin will allow a WordPress user to display his or her wishlist in a form of grid format wherein he or she can choose his or her desired items in the Wishlist plugin. The unique format of this plugin will provide you with a more convenient way in choosing the items you like in a form of a grid table.

5. Amazon Associates Wishlist Plugin

This plugin will allow you to display your Amazon Wishlist into your blog and it gives you an opportunity to earn associate referral from your customers. This plugin is considered as one of the popular and trending plugins especially when it comes to Wishlist plugin purposes.

6. Sortable Amazon Wishlist Plugin

This kind of plugin will provide you the chance to display a variety of widget in your Amazon Wishlist. By using this plugin, you can start generating traffic for your website and earn extra profit from your products. By using this plugin, you will assure that your customers will find the best item that will suit his or her needs.

7 YITH WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

This plugin will allow you to add a link in every product detail that is located in your Wishlist plugin. The plugin will create you a certain page that you can use in your Wishlist plugin. The plugin is 100 percent compatible with WPML and once you installed this plugin, you need to activate the plugin with woocommerce that will enable it to function properly.

8. Wishlist Member Plugin

This plugin is considered as one of the membership solution that offers easy access to every WordPress user. The plugin also provide you with convenience to suit all of your WordPress needs.