8 Free Gaming WordPress Themes

If gaming is a way of life for you, then a free gaming WordPress theme will help you to maximize the value of the content you have to share. These options are suitable for blogs about gaming in any genre, development projects, or even the creation of your own store to sell branded products from your company. That means you can have a complete solution that fits your requirements with a single download.

These are the best free gaming WordPress themes that are available right now.

1. HellFire


This option provides you with all of the features that you would come to expect from a world-class gaming theme. It offers custom sidebars, a social share bar, and there are translation-ready options from which to choose as well. It receives updates to stay compatible with the latest version of WordPress, and the theme offers anti-spam choices that do not require you to use CAPTCHA to control bots.

2. Joystick


This free theme offers a straightforward option when you want to make your content become the star of your website. It features a simple scrolling mechanism that allows visitors to quickly access your latest content. A search option on the right sidebar provides ongoing access to additional items. It features custom widgets, a theme customizer, and a responsive layout which incorporates placement for advertisements or promotions.

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3. Paraxe


Use this free gaming WordPress theme if you want to give visitors more of an interactive experience. It is Retina and translation ready to ensure that almost anyone can use this product for the site. The customization options which are available to you after download are too numerous to list. There are featured areas to promote specific content, a BX Slider to highlight unique graphics or posts, and fun animations that create an enjoyable experience without impacting the UX of your site.

4. MiddleEarth

Middle Earth

This option is another choice to consider if you want to use WooCommerce with your gaming site. It is one of the few themes that fits into the free category which offers a dynamic content loader to use. Custom sidebars allow you to create the perfect look for visitors, while the slider at the top-center of the page creates a scroll-like graphic to provide an interesting atmosphere for your posts. The actual display of your content feels a little outdated, but there are custom menus, translation options, and shortcodes readiness to enjoy.

5. Tank



This free gaming WordPress theme provides a fun option that allows you to customize the visual aesthetics of your site without it looking trendy or overdone. It provides a responsive code that looks fantastic on all mobile devices. You can take advantage of the custom menus to create specific content categories, feature posts on your landing page, and create a sidebar that allows you to highlight the best uploads you’ve created. It allows for Google Maps, WooCommerce, and is ready to accept custom widgets too.

6. GamesPad



This WordPress theme gives you the best option if your gaming site is structured like an online magazine or news website. There is a built-in theme options page to utilize with your download, allowing you to even generate shortcodes in the post editor. The featured posts slider is stunning with its placement and easy to use, allowing you to coordinate this content with your background image to create a distinctive brand identity. There are custom widgets to use as well, it is optimized already for SEO, and the entire design is responsive as well.

7. Gamelab


Choose this option for your gaming site if you prefer to take more of a minimalist approach. There is still a slider available to feature your content, but it requires the entire upper third of the site for the display. Menu options are nicely situated in a highlighted box in the header. You have a contacts page available with the download, access to a social share bar, and Google Maps is compatible as well.

8. NeonGame


This free WP theme provides you with an experience that feels familiar, yet it allows visitors to see something that is unique to your brand. It comes with everything you would expect from a gaming option, including being ready for shortcodes, SEO, and Google Maps. It integrates seamlessly with WooCommerce as well.

The best free gaming WordPress themes allow you to express your love for specific titles, genres, or platforms in an economical way. Each design creates a final look that is unique for your brand, so be sure to review each option before downloading to see if it can exceed your expectations.

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