8 Free Minimalist WordPress Themes

There is a reason why WordPress is the most popular website builder and content management system in the world. It is extremely easy to use, the platform is open source and is being consistently upgraded and perfected, there are millions of users and developers who can access the best of what everyone is creating and to top it all there are thousands of amazing themes to work it. The ease with which you can create a website using WordPress is unparallel. However, there are many WordPress themes that require quite some work. While you don’t have to know coding to use WordPress themes, some will require extensive coding to get the best out of them.

Some designs are rather quaint and quite complicated which may take a toll on the average DIY website developer or if you aren’t hiring a website designing company. That is where free minimalist WordPress themes become important and necessary. For a convenient approach to developing websites, you need to opt for one of the innumerable free minimalist WordPress themes.

Fortunately and unfortunately, there are plenty of options we have narrowed down your choices to the finest ones. Choose one of these best free minimalist WordPress themes for your website.

1. Azeria


Azeria is simple, clean and it has an enticing interface. Websites need to be welcoming. Any website that appears to be very cold or lacks substantial connection with the audience will fail to gain the necessary traction. Azeria can be tweaked to have features that you need and all the while it remains true to its minimalist design.

2. E-Commerce


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Online stores don’t have to be complicated. They don’t need to be too difficult to browse, managing such websites can be easy and also updating the inventory, having payments processed and getting all necessary plug-ins in place can be very convenient, provided you opt for one of the free minimalist WordPress themes. E-Commerce is as simple as it can get, obviously in the ecommerce category. You get WooCommerce plug-in and the design is responsive so you don’t have to worry about device or browser compatibility.

3. Gazette


Gazette may seem to be a heavy site, especially with all the images loaded upfront on the homepage but the design itself is minimalist. It has a magazine style layout which works well for any kind of business website or for personal blogs. Sure, the design is a tad more focused on images on the landing page but it delves right into the content and in depth information as you head to specific sections. The design is visually impressive and then it gets detailed with smartly presented contents, supported by fonts that can facilitate readability.

4. Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate

Metro Pirate is one of the easiest free minimalist WordPress themes when it comes to browsing. The grid style display, the responsive design, the sitemap or the categories niftily stacked up on the left sidebar and customizable options make Metro Pirate a gift for self trained developers or startup entrepreneurs.

5. Delish


Delish is as simple as it can get. The landing page is very well sorted. The navigation is made easy with very well defined sections or categories. There is no fluff in the design and there is no place for you to add fluff in the form of content. The design is substantially interactive, fully responsive, clean and minimalist. The design is completely customizable. You can play with the widgets, colors, logos, language and social media icons among others.

6. RedWaves Lite

RedWaves Lite

RedWaves is a great design for blogs, portfolio sites, for professionals or freelancers, affiliate marketers and for businesses as well. The design is responsive and highly customizable. It is also translation ready. The design is compatible or rather optimized for AdSense so if your business relies on AdSense or needs affiliate marketing then this is one of the best free minimalist WordPress themes.

7. Shrake


Shrake is an amazing minimalist theme for bloggers, photographers, designers, animators and other professionals who don’t have to delve too much into textual content but focus more on visual contents. From images to videos, showcasing various works of art or having a portfolio, all of it and more become effortless if you opt for Shrake. The design is simple, the layout doesn’t allow for any distraction, the typography is clean and it has been developed with a mobile first approach.

8. Boardwalk


Not many developers or business owners would consider Boardwalk as a minimalistic theme, certainly not when compared to some of the other themes mentioned in this list. However, it is the most minimalistic theme that comes with horizontal scrolling. There are businesses and even professionals with well defined purposes that could do better with horizontal scrolling. Having such a unique browsing feature while not delving into any complications, is an option that many wouldn’t pass.

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