8 Free Parallax WordPress Templates

When you opt for free Parallax WordPress templates you will be getting a website design that combines both functionality and animations. You will also notice that the scrolling on the screen will be more dynamic than with traditional templates. The background will move slightly slower than the items in the foreground which helps to create depth on your website. In most cases you would find this feature in premium themes, but there are an array of free Parallax WordPress templates for you to choose from.

1. Parallax One

Parallax One

Every single web browser will be compatible with these theme, ranging from Firefox to Chrome. It is also incorporates an incorporates a brilliant and clean design with validated coding that is easily editable, as long as you have experience with HTML/PHP. If you’re not an experienced website developer, you can use the theme options panel to upgrade different settings including your logo, social links, layout, and colors. It’s a simple user interface that even beginners can take advantage of. Also, you have the option of translating any built-in text for foreign readers.

2. Evolve


You can show all of your favorite photos using the Parallax slider on the responsive environment that Evolve provides. There are a wide variety of different animation effects and slider effects that you can implement so your images will show up differently on your screen. You also have the option of customizing your captions to really make the website your own. The post slider is a useful feature as you can post up to 10 posts and easily scroll through them on the site.

3. Zerif Lite

Zerif Lite

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Zerif Lite is one of the most popular WordPress themes to date with hundreds of thousands of downloads. Everything that is incorporated in the template you would usually find in only premium themes, but you can have them all entirely for free. It is perfectly coded to preserve the ability to have a 1-page design for your site. It is also incredibly modern and unlike any other free Parallax WordPress templates that you’ll see.

4. Accesspress Parallax

Accesspress Parallax

As another one of the elite free Parallax WordPress templates that you can download, Accesspress Parallax combines an engaging environment with a completely interactive user interface. There are both animations and movements incorporated into the design, making it the perfect option for creative uses. You will be able to add your own 3D effects, have a call-to-action, and take advantage of CSS animations for even further customization.

5. Parallax


Much like its name suggests, Parallax is a simple template that you can get for WordPress that offers a responsive design. Customizing the template is simple as it uses drag and drop editing so you don’t even need to have any previous experience with coding. There are various forms ranging from modules to quick sliders that you can play around with. You can also integrate your social media pages for your readers to share posts that you have made.

6. Alizee


When downloading Alizee you will receive a Parallax header and many other features including customizable widgets and the ability to make easy and quick changes to your layout. In fact, you don’t even have to have any previous experience with CSS or HTML to be able to customize your site. There is an extra layer integrated in the template to give a higher level of customer engagement with various menus that you can take advantage of. The entire theme is meant to be designed like Pinterest.

7. Moesia


One of the main things that makes Moesia unique from other free Parallax WordPress templates is the fact that it is formatted for widescreen viewing. It has a Parallax header and different sliding features, including the ability to place a large image on the site to display your company logo. It is also compatible with an array of devices, including desktop computers and smartphones. You can choose to keep the translation feature enabled so customers can have the text translated into their native language. You also have the opportunity to customize your widgets for extra branding opportunities. If you don’t want to have the widescreen layout you’ll be able to change the screen dimensions.

8. Advertica Lite

Advertica Lite

The simplicity involved with Advertica Lite is why many users are downloading it for their own use. It’s a responsive theme that can be customized to fit any industry. You can build your own personal blog or use it for your company’s website as it is sleek, professional, and casual all at the same time. You will also be able to use the landing page that is integrated with the theme that can push any new visitors to different sales pages that you add to the website over time. It is also SEO ready so you can get ranked higher on search engine result pages.

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