8 Free Record Label WordPress Themes

If you’re creating a website for your band, a new record label, or even a DJ business that you run locally, then a free record label WordPress theme might be the right design option for you.

These themes are specifically designed for people who are involved with the music industry. No matter what your genre might be, your art will become the central component of what visitors see when you choose one of the following options.

1. Portum


What’s great about this theme is that it is incredibly flexible. No matter what role you have in the music industry, you’ll be able to take the elements of this theme to create a specific reflection of who you are. It features full widget support for diversification, built-in pricing tables for the gigs you offer, and space for testimonials to provide proof of your music genius. The free version is a true what-you-see-is-what-you-get option.

2. Pixova Lite

Pixova Lite

If you’re wanting to build a single-page option on WordPress for your record label or band, then give this free option a closer look. It offers more minimalism than other themes, yet still promotes a modern feel to the scrolling. The theme is fully responsive to devices and browsers, with unlimited fonts and colors available. It works with WooCommerce extremely well as an e-commerce solution too, though the free version does remove the CSS editor from the theme.

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3. Singl


With this theme, you’re relying on the quality of the background images to sell your work as an artist. It is a content-based theme, requiring you to talk about who you are and what you do more than showing people these aspects of your trade. There isn’t as much flexibility in the design of the footer, sidebar, or sticky posts that are used, but you do benefit from a modern theme that highlights your overall creativity. You’ve got room to upload links to audio files on a site like SoundCloud as well.

4. Musik


If you’re looking for something simple and basic, this them has got you covered. It’s a two-widget area, with responsiveness, that allows you to combine your posts and pages on the front page. You’re permitted to change the location of your sidebar. There are three different locations allowed for your logo. You can sticky posts, create a custom header, and take advantage of the various opacities built into this free theme too. Just remember to change the default background image.

5. Blackoot


This theme does an excellent job representing music professionals. It offers a lot of free space while creating a centralized viewer dynamic. There are two different areas available for widgets with this theme, situated in the right-hand sidebar and the footer. The latter widget placement is optional. You can customize your favicon, logo, and upload a custom header picture with this theme. It is also one of the few themes that is translation-ready, if you happen to perform internationally.

6. Happenings


This free record label theme is a good option to think about if you need to advertise your gigs more than yourself. It is built specifically for musicians and music executives who are using broadcasting and content to market themselves. The setup is similar to that of a blog, with an emphasis on using tables within the content to make your key points. A search box is included in a nice location on the left, right above your sidebar options.

7. Verbosa


If you’ve always been attracted to grid-style themes on WordPress, then you’ll like the formatting of this post. It makes your digital images become the central point that visitors see when they reach your landing page. Your logo can be uploaded onto the left-hand sidebar, right above a search bar, which makes it easy for visitors to find the information they want. You create posts, with buttons, that let visitors go to the exact content they want. You then have menu options available in the sidebar too.

8. Muso


This theme has an extensive set of features which allows you to create a specific look for yourself. The feature image is full-sized on this theme, with the option to place your name or logo on a layer above for the perfect first impression. It is also one of the easiest free themes to use if you’re looking to embed your tracks or playlists.

Free record label WordPress themes are an easy way to promote your music, enhance your online presence, and get your fans excited about your new work. Check out the strengths and weaknesses of each one, then get to work designing your new website.