8 Ways to Write and Edit a Blog Post Like a Journalist

Blogging Like a Journalist

Creating A Compelling White Paper As A Journalist

Do you attend a college or university? Is your major journalism? Have you recently graduated from a college or university and have a degree in journalism? If you studied journalism in college you know the importance of writing a white paper.

Tips to Writing Like a Journalist

How can you write a white paper like a journalist? There exist several tips, strategies, and techniques that will help you and other journalists compose a white paper. Let’s take a closer look into some of the methodologies that will assist you in creating and writing a credible white paper to help build your brand.

As a writer, especially a journalist, it is essential that you understand your audience. Understanding your target audience will allow you to modify your writing to better accommodate the needs of your intended readers. Keep in mind the fact that companies and businesses don’t read white papers people actually do.

Who is Your Target Audience
Once you know your targeted audience it is essential that you understand the industry in its entirety. You should be able to view topics and issues in the industry from an overall perspective as you begin to do your research.

Perform Research
During your research process you need to ensure that you acquire outside expertise. You don’t need to know or find out everything about a particular topic as long as you have the right connections. Your connections should include experts in the field. The more credible the expert the more useful the information you will obtain from them, which will make your white paper more captivating in nature.

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Verify Information
You need to make sure you verify the information obtained during your research phase. You should not automatically believe everything you read especially when that information comes from less reputable websites including blogs, social media, and Wikipedia. Practice double checking your facts.

Develop a Workflow
Develop a workflow like a journalist. You should be able to multitask so that you’re able to get more done within a set timeframe. Developing shortcuts is also essential because it helps you stick to deadlines.

Become a Storyteller
Journalists like you must master the art of storytelling. White papers are written from a narrative perspective and focuses on creating and formulating imagery for their readers.

Edit and Proofread
You should be able to edit and proofread your work. Make should your enthralling white paper focuses on transitions because it helps the overall flow of your paper. You need to learn to be a great editor. If you are not good at editing and proofreading you should hire a professional editor.

Your white paper should serve as a conversation piece among readers. Get people talking by promoting your white paper via blogs and social media websites. Start a dialogue about your white paper on Facebook or Twitter and get others talking about it.

Creating a compelling white paper featuring credible experts and sources will help build your brand.